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Writes she is enclosing new socks that arrived from India. Hopes he will enjoy "White Cliffs" which should not take him long to read. Hopes letter arrives safely with cigarettes intact.

Writes she has had no letter from him and that she is going to the cinema to see "Target for Tonight". Mentions sister will look after daughter and writes of babies progress, Mentions she is sending a book on agriculture. Illustration of ox cart at…

Notes enclosed socks, cigarettes and figs wit suggestions of how to eat them. States she is sending him "Gone with the Wind" in separate parcel. Illustration of Arab boat at top and palm trees at bottom.

Writes of potentially successful photography of daughter Frances. They still need printing but she will send them when ready. Says she is doing her hair differently and describes it. Mentions daily activities and describes a girl who is billeted with…

Writes encouraging him to continue to pursue a commission. It would mean a lot to them both, particularly financially. Suggests he should get an interview with squadron commander and tell him how well he had done and that he is under treatment by…

Writes that she is ashamed of her previous letter about the disappointment of him not getting a commission. Sending cigarettes to make up for being selfish. Says she will not write to Sir Charles Portal or the King about his commission.

Writes that she has been billeted and that she is very disappointed and cut up about him not getting a commission. Hopes that he might be chosen for specialised training on strength of his navigation results and get another chance of a commission.…

Writes of receiving parcel and asks if he can get soap flakes in Isle of Man as they are unobtainable in London, mentions problems with photography and plans for future photos. Concludes with family gossip. Enquires about his pipe and tobacco supply…

Writes of sorting out family financial and tax issues for her mother. Mentions bomb damage to Westminster Abbey and arrival of his letters. Says she is sending parcels to Jurby.

Writes about book she has read and gardening as well as catching up with family/friends news. Mentions Australian political news and the time taken for mail to reach India where her parents are. Continues with more war news and hopes weather will be…

Writes catching up with news of friends, baby, gardening savings group and war news. Commiserates over his poor accommodation and is sending cigarettes to help. Concludes with family gossip.

Writes of gardening and family issues. Notes that Mrs Stenzel has had a job offer with Quakers which might speed her journey to the United States and means she will leave next week. She would now be alone for winter and will take up her Russian…

Sending photographs of herself and daughter. Reports arrival of Mrs Stenzel. Writs of missing figs and his health problems with taste. Sending socks and cigarettes and other items to follow. Hopes gunnery course is not as unpleasant as he fears and…

Writes about his views on commission and that Mrs Stenzel should arrive that evening and explaining why she had to leave Germany. Continues with news of garden and of her efforts with photography and that she will send prints on to everyone. Talks…

Writes of bathing and progress of baby Frances. Reports Mrs Stenzel will arrive Friday. Catches up with family news and a book she has read. Reports arrival of mail van, socks and sweets but no letter. Asks him to let her know how exams go.


Writes that she has just seen film Target for Tonight which she found real and vivid. Mentions seeing a colleague of his in sergeants uniform and pilots wings. Talks of books and Christmas presents. Reports seeing newsreel of Churchill's meeting with…

She writes a long family history about her involvement with German friend Mrs Stenzel who was on her way to the united States through the UK but was interned in Holloway and then the Isle of Man as she had a son still living in Germany. She was then…

Writes that she has made cake which she will send and describes gardening and arrival of blackberries. Sending parcel of socks and book..

Writes he is about to embark on a ship and there will be no mail while aboard for about 5 weeks. Destination is a mystery but he speculates about the future, Catches up with family news.

Fifteen service personnel sitting and standing in three rows wearing tunic and side caps. Circle drawn around one face middle of middle row and crosses over three others. Faded pen inscription at top'[....] 1941', In the background a wooden building…

Target photograph showing a small built up area with road running bottom centre right to top right. Numerous tracer lines and flares. Caption 'UYB 594, Z35, NT, 5/6.8.41, F8'.

Temporary, special area, crew pass made out to Flight Lieutenant Donaldson between 21 August 1941 and 28 August 1941

An empty Dutch victory cigarette packet. These were dropped over the Netherlands to celebrate the Dutch Queen's birthday.


Sent from Dayton in United States to S.O.Donaldson Women’s Auxiliary Air Force at RAF Wyton. On the reverse ''F/L D W Donaldson RAF, Dayton, Ohio'.


Design by the College of Arms for the 33 Service Flying Training School crest with a bison and the motto 'unity is strength'. It is signed by the Chester Herald and Inspector of Royal Airforce Badges. Also signed 'Approved George R.I. '


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