Letter to L V Rosser from Maurice Moon



Letter to L V Rosser from Maurice Moon


Writes complaining about his current location goes on with gossip about various people there. Mentions he had done nothing recently and continues to complain about his situation. Envelope is covered with handwritten flying hours calculations.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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[post mark] THIRSK YORKSHIRE 7 – PM 15 AUG 41 [/post mark]

Sgt's Mess, R.A.F.
Nr. York.

[inserted [calculation] [/inserted]

[inserted] Maurice Moon [/inserted]

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Dear Vic

this bloody place is still the same; the wind blows as strongly as ever and there is the same interminable mud and mess.

There are still bloody great crowds at meal-times; the same bloody awkward ground staff wallabs; the same binding, bloody, bullshit. Generally speaking, it is pretty bloody.

There aren't many blokes left who I knew when last here, but there are one or two, and fortunately they are quite good eggs.

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That binding little bastard Flynn, who used to be 77 Squadron Discip. merchant, now holds the odious position of S.W.O. Whether he has changed or not since attaining this significance I cannot tell, for I have not as yet come into direct contact with him.

From a central position in the ante-room, a bloody horrible photograph of the late S.W.O. (Joe Cuthbertson) leers down on all and sundry with as much to say, as "if you bastards had been here in my time I'd have bloody well shaken you."

You will probably have gathered by this time that I am not very keen about the place.

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Ian Hay was nabbed for A.C.P. last night and it kind of shook him for he had anticipated having aeroplanes and crews showered bountifully upon him the moment he showed his cherubic face.

I haven't done a bloody thing to date, excepting to sit on my "ring" and moan loudly to any unfortunate person within hearing.

Riley and I have been stuffed in the gym at Skellfield Hall for the time being, and our room-mates are the most horrible bunch of "sprogs" from O.T.U. Needless to say, we have shot quite a few hefty lines.

[page break]


I haven't as yet come across any of Johnny's old pals excepting of course F/Sgt. Burley who still rules the roost.

Bill Swayne (or Swain) has gone to an O.T.U. near Stratford, so Johnny can probably discover the exact address and write to him there.

As far as I can gather, the old car has been taken from behind the "Angel" to some unknown place, by a person who rejoices in the name of F/Lt. Jordan.

Well that's all the 'gen' for just now, so cheerio and good luck to both of you.

I'll be seeing you,


P.S. please excuse various shades of ink. M


M Moon, “Letter to L V Rosser from Maurice Moon,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36645.

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