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Mark Johnson reminisces about John Blair. He discusses family life in rural Jamaica as a mixed-ethnicity person, highly respected by everyone. He was a qualified teacher, a lawyer, and a farmer. Reminisces other Caribbeans who volunteered and served…

The interviewer states that John Blair is a former lawyer, teacher, air accident investigator, and navigator in bombers during World War Two. He discusses his experiences in the 1930s – 1950s. John also talks to his wife, Margaret, about her…

J Ebanks was from Jamaica and was a navigator in 571 Squadron at RAF Oakington. They carried out a number of operations to Berlin. He also refers to RAF Benson and time spent in Malaya. J Ebanks recounts, with humour, a number of anecdotes from his…

D Jones was born in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. He volunteered for the RAF and went on the SS Cuba to the United States, crossing the Atlantic to Liverpool in June 1944. He went to a former Butlins holiday camp in Filey - there, as ground…

Head and shoulders portrait of Arthur in uniform with sergeant's stripes and Air Gunner's brevet. Submitted with caption: 'Arthur Young. Born in Cardiff he was killed in the crash of the "Salford Lancaster" on 30 July 1944, returning from an…

A vertical photograph taken of the destruction of Cologne. Almost every building has been destroyed. The cathedral is in the bottom right corner. Submitted with caption: 'The results of bombing on the centre of the German city of Cologne, February…

Eight members of the Blair family in a stationary rowing boat, three seated. Submitted with caption 'Blair family members visit the seaside, St Elizabeth, Jamaica, 1930s'.

Black and white full-length portrait photograph of John Blair wearing civilian clothes with medals on his left breast, in front of a large, white building with portico. There are various people behind him: one is dressed in the uniform of a British…

A group of 24 cadets and three officers arranged in three rows in front of an Anson. Submitted with caption; 'John Blair (left of photo) during his training in Canada, 1942'.

Team of 13 girls dressed in sportswear and holding hockey sticks, submitted with caption; 'A typical Jamaican female school girl's Hockey Team in 1945 close to the spot where Canadian soldier Tom Forsyth was warned off watching girl's hockey…

Six airmen in uniform standing next to mobile steps in front of a De Haviland Comet with the words 'Royal Air Force Transport Command' along its side. Submitted with caption; 'John Blair & crew with their Comet aircraft, 1960s'.

John Blair in Flight Lieutenant’s uniform flanked by two other RAF flight crew, on the left of the photograph a wireless operator and on the right, a pilot, they are in a room with maps on the walls, and are leaning on a table. Submitted with…

Head and shoulders portrait photograph of J Blair in cadet’s uniform, submitted with caption: 'John Blair in training, Canada, 1942'.

Bungalow with lower level, submitted with caption: 'The Teacher's Cottage in rural Jamaica that John Blair once lived in as a child.'

Full-length photograph of M Johnson’s father as a child, with his right foot placed on a low wall. Submitted with caption; 'A typical Jamaican schoolboy (in this case, the author’s father), mid-1940s.'

Young woman in school uniform, she is holding a pair of glasses in her left hand, standing in front of a door. Submitted with caption: 'A typical Jamaican schoolgirl, mid 1940s.'

Airmen in three ranks, all but two of whom are cadets, two are labelled: 'Blair' and 'Lynch'.

Submitted with caption: 'Caribbean aircrew trainees, Canada, 1942. John Blair is standing, 2nd from left in the middle row, while Orville Lynch is at the…

Couple in car. Woman in a wedding dress, holding a bouquet, sitting next to Flight Lieutenant A Wint, in uniform. Submitted with caption: 'Norma and Arthur Wint at their wedding in England, 1945. Flight Lt. Wint, from Jamaica, was an RAF pilot…

Flight Lieutenant John Blair in uniform with Navigator's brevet, submitted with caption; 'Flt Lt John J Blair, DFC from Jamaica who served as a Halifax navigator with 102 (Ceylon) Squadron, Bomber Command between 1944 and 1945. He completed his full…

Three-quarter length photograph of John Blair holding his son standing outside french windows captioned: 'John w/[with] son John Julian – christening'.

John Blair standing with Leo Balderamos on a tall building with a cityscape in the background.

Caption: 'John Blair (left) and Leo Balderamos of Belize on the Empire State Building, New York, in October 1942'.

John Blair and his bride. The groom is wearing Flight Lieutenant’s uniform with navigator’s brevet. The bride is in a white dress with short veil and bouquet. Caption at bottom reads: 'John Jellicoe Blair & Margaret Eileen Kirkham – March 1,…

Head and shoulder length portrait photograph of John Blair in uniform with officer’s cap, navigator’s brevet and medal strip. Caption at bottom reads: 'John Jellicoe Blair – RAF'.

Head and shoulder length portrait photograph of John Blair in uniform with officer’s cap, navigator’s brevet and medal strip, Caption at bottom reads: 'John Jellicoe Blair – RAF'.
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