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Audrey left school at 14 and began work as a clerical assistant for a tailoring firm in Leeds, then moving into furniture sales.
Audrey was 23 when the war started and was conscripted on 15 December 1942 electing to join the WAAF. After her kitting…

Nine images on three sheets of selected pages from George Royall's log book, each showing a double page spread. The three images on the first sheet cover nine bombing operations as well as training and air test flights. Each image has the…

He thanks for her letter. He has finished his Regiment course and did quite well. He is about to get 10 days leave.


He caught the train back via Waterloo and Doncaster. They have been on a RAF Regiment course shooting rifles.


He thanks her for her letter. They were on their way to Italy but turned back due to equipment failure. His pilot Jack has been posted to an Instructors course. They are having a squadron disbanding party with 12 barrels of beer. He misses his wife.

He thanks her for her letter and advises his trip to Italy is off. His squadron is disbanding in four days. His friend has developed photographs of their wedding.

He is on standby for the trip to Italy. He thinks he may be made redundant.

He is waiting to go to Italy then he expects some leave. He thanks her for the parcel.

He thanks her for her letters and advises that he may get some leave because his squadron is being disbanded.

Four pages of notes to help users get the best out of Standard Beam Approach or SBA (the Lorenz System).

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Jack writes thanking her for her letter. He might be getting a 48 hour pass and he discusses how they could meet in London.

14 airmen arranged in two rows in front of a building. Each man is named on the reverse.

Top left - view across street of a damaged three story building.
Top left middle - view across river with downed bridge.
Top middle right - view across water of bridge with span blown up.
Top right - view across street with military vehicles of…


Top middle - view down street with buildings either side.
Top right - view down street with buildings either side.
Both captioned 'Münster June 1945'.
Bottom left - view across street with tram of large multi-storey building (Royal…

Left - view of castle with round tower captioned 'Das Schloss, Detmold'.
Top - view of street with destroyed buildings. Captioned Detmold, June 1945'.
Bottom - view of gateway with truck driving through and people outside. Captioned 'RAF station,…

The writer regrets that he has no news of her son. There is uncertainty where he bailed out. He promises to write to the pilot who is ill after repatriation.

Details for P J Hogan, gives medical classification and lists inoculations and vaccinations.

On the left page top - a photograph of five aircrew wearing tunics with brevet standing in line in a garden. Captioned '23 July 1945, John Parker, F/O White (bomb aimer), self, F/O K A Smith (Skipper), George Wellington'.
Bottom - half length…

Top - two airmen, one wearing battledress, the other a tunic with pilot's brevet and both with peaked caps, standing behind the port tailplane of a Lancaster. Submitted with description 'P/O Jock Cassells and 2nd pilot, P/O E. White - both of 106…

From information provided by the donor. The Stonebow, Lincoln decorated for VJ Day.

Six members of a Lancaster crew with aircraft in background, submitted with caption; “Jock Leeming and crew - 207 Sqdn Spilsby August 1945”

Details of Sam's citation for his DSO, further training in Navigation and as an instructor. He then returned to transport in the Mediterranean. His last flight was from Malta to Cairo.
There are three photographs of his wife.

Jeff Mackay was born in 1922 in Ballarat, Australia and was working as a cadet engineer. He joined the Army but when the Japanese entered the war in 1941 decided to join the RAAF, and after boarding a ship he trained as a navigator in Canada and…

Formal course photograph, 24 officers, posed in three rows, captioned 'R.A.F. School of Administration and Accountancy, No 32 Elementary Course, Syndicate L 1/8/45 to 26/9/45 with their names printed. Vivian of Hereford'. On the reverse '57212 32 Ele…

28 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a wooden hut, captioned 'Ken Redwood, Dave Murphy and others at A.C.N.C.O.S. Locking - August 1945'.
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