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Extracts from publications giving details of all operations by 467 and 463 Squadrons from 10 September 1944 to 25 April 1945. Details include number of aircraft, target, bombloads and losses. Interspersed are details of operations carried out by…

An account of events leading up to, and during Operation Manna, plus personal involvement. Page contains head and shoulders photograph of Jeff Brown, in uniform, showing an air gunners brevet and sergeants stripes.

Personnel record card with photograph, fingerprint and personal details of Angas Hughes. Captured 27 September 1944 at Rastatt. Stamped with 'Officially Interrogated'. On the second page '10.10.44, Dulag Luft' and '28.10.44'.

Small folded card giving service details, address and showing subscription paid for 1997.

Account of his time as a navigator on the squadron from September 1944 to January 1945. Describes his crew and training in Australia travel via the United States to England to join Bomber Command. Writes of training for multi-engine bombers and early…

Top - four airmen, two wearing greatcoats, one battledress and one flying jacket, two with shovels, standing in line in snow in front of a Lancaster. Other aircraft parked in the distance behind. Submitted with description 'Clearing snow, RAF…

Seven aircrew dressed in uniform, standing in front of a Lancaster. A lorry is visible in the background. Captioned 'Woodhall Spa, Sept 1944 Mid-Upper Gunner, Flight Eng. Bomb Aimer, Skipper, Nav, w/op 'Me' Rear Gunner' On the reverse 'Colin Cole L…

A piece of red cloth embroidered with 'Arnhem 1944' in red/white and blue thread.

Description of bombing and mine laying operations on targets around Le Havre, Calais, Stettin, Eindhoven, Frankfurt and Pont Rémy during September 1944.

Two versions of the same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps standing in two lines in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Front row L-R, Stan Williamson RAAF W/Op, Tom Jones RAFVR F/E, Ron Wynn RAFVY AG-MUP, Joe "Jonny"…

Two versions of same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps. Six standing by the rear fuselage door of a Lancaster and two sitting in the door. On the reverse 'L-R Steve Harper, Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Clive Thurston,…

Two versions of the same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps standing in line in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'L - R Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Joe Naylor, Tom Jones,…

Two versions of the same item. In the distance a line of airmen in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R, Joe Naylor, Steve Harper, Dave Goodwin, Fred Phillips, Tom Jones, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Sept 1944, 7…

Eight aircrew wearing battledress with peaked or side caps on top of a Lancaster, five on port inner engine, one in the cockpit and two sitting on top of fuselage behind cockpit. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R Tom Jones, Steve Harper, Clive…

Ernie Twells is climbing on the starboard outer engine of Lancaster PB414. The view is from the inside the aircraft. On the reverse is 'PB414 Yagodnik'.

Notes kept by Fred Hooker after being shot down. It details the evacuation of the camp from Stalag Luft 7 to Stalag 3A with deaths recorded.

A group of aircrew and one ground crew member arranged at the rear starboard side of Lancaster PA964. Six are standing and three are sitting on the tail plane. One the reverse it is captioned with the names of the aircrew.

A group of eight airmen standing at the nose of a Lancaster. On the reverse are the names of the aircrew.

Eight aircrew, including Tom Jones, standing in front of Lancaster, PA964, 'MG-K'. On the reverse the individual members are identified.

Five aircrew sitting on the starboard inner engine of Lancaster PA964, MG-K, one sitting in the cockpit and two including Tom Jones are sitting at the back of the cockpit. The individuals are named on the reverse.

A Sortie Record Sheet dated from 19 August 1944 to 17 March 1945. Relating to Pilot Officer George Holmes’ service as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 83 Squadron. The sheet records 16 operations, all of which are recorded as being on Lancaster…

Reconnaissance photograph of gliders which have landed in a field, showing skid marks. The majority of the gliders are Horsa's, with three of the larger Hamilcar gliders visible in the field to the right. This is drop zone Z for Operation Market…

A port side view of a Halifax with Eddie standing at the front. Under the nose are five airmen.
On the reverse 'KW-V 425 Sqdn Sept 1944 Tholthorpe Man in photo is F/E Eddie Collyer' and 'MZ538 KW-V'.

Recalls Harry's joining the RAF and describes his initial, then basic and advanced aircrew training. Follows move to operational training unit, and joining 102 Squadron flying Whitley. Mentions operations to Berlin, Stettin and Duisburg. Converted to…
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