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Writes he had completed all his exams and passed them all and was looking forward to graduation day. Says he is not sure about what will be happening, and when, after graduation. Apologises for not writing but had been very busy. Writes a little…

Says he had been busy with exams and describes upcoming events for the end of his course. He might get to stay in Canada if they need instructors, otherwise he would be on his way home in October. Comments that exams were going well and he had two…

Writes that he had been doing a lot of flying which was very tiring. States he had passed photography and was preparing for another exam. Was now in the final month of the course and would graduate shortly. Discusses getting presents and about…

Writes that heh had a good weekend with friends. Mentions an injury to his knee. Writes of a long trip to overnight at a station in Québec. Says he only has a few more trips and his final exams to go. Writes that he received photographs they sent…

Writes that he is off to prepare for night flight. Mentions he spend another marvellous weekend with Canadian friends. Writes that exams start shortly and he was praised by his instructor for performance on his last trip. Writes that his camera had…

Mentions he now had 60 flying hours navigating. Says it was raining so had a break from flying. Mentions he sent some photographs to her. Writes that he had a 48 hour pass coming before he started on exams, Continues with family gossip.

Writes about his recent flying on his navigation course. Mentions starting mid term exams shortly. Reports on mail from home. Writes that expected four days leave had been cancelled and replaced by 48 hour pass every other week. He would be spending…

Reports on exam results and says he is getting on well with his flying. Says he has been busy flying. States this was the first weekend he had not been to his girlfriend's house and missed their Sunday dinner. Says he will send some more photographs.…

Writes that he has been very busy with exams and will shortly start meteorology. Explains that exams will persist throughout his course. Continues with family matters and mentions letters he had received. Says he is spending most weekends with his…

Describes being busy recently flying. Mentions going to friends next week for 48 hour pass and hot weather. Request photographs from home and catches up with news.

Catches up with family news. Writes he spent his weekend in Toronto with his girl friend. Says a little about flying on his course. Mentions scorching weather and issue of summer outfits.

Writes that he was exited to have started flying and was confident that he would make it. Catches up with family news and had difficulty finding time to write with all the work he had to do. Mentions he spent 48 hour leave in Toronto.

Writes that he is receiving a constant flow of mail. States he would be at his current location for 12 weeks. Says it is a good station with plenty of hard work but weekend off and a 48 hour pass every month. Describes Toronto city and mentions…

Ceremony for air navigators and air bombers from No 1 Air Observers School RCAF. List graduates including R C Weeden form air navigators course 75.

Flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for R C Weeden, navigator, covering the period from 27 May 1943 to 31 January 1948. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 35 squadron. He was stationed at RCAF Malton,…

Part 1. Explains delay in writing due to 48 hour pass which allowed him to go to new York. Describes activities there.
Part 2. On return was posted to air observers school and was packing to go. Arrive in Toronto and did tour including Niagara…

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other that pilot for P G Thomas, Navigator, covering the period from 6 January 1944 to 2 October 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war duties with 149 Squadron. He was…

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Written from Trenton, Ontario when Keith Thompson had just started his training, saying that he had just been on leave and was enjoying himself.

Sight log book covering Keith Thompson's flying career, from his training at RCAF Malton from October to December 1942 flying in the Anson then on to 30 OTU at RAF Hixon from July 1943 flying the Wellington and 1662 HCU at RAF Blyton, then onto…

A handwritten account by Keith Thompson of his time training in Canada from the time he left England in February 1942 until he returned to Scotland as a navigator in January 1943.

Keith Thompson and two fellow Yorkshiremen as newly qualified LAC observers, with aircrew training flashes and observer brevet, standing in front of left engine of an Anson.
Colour post card is captioned 'Chateau Frontenac Quebec City's landmark'.…

Printed programme for Graduation Ceremony for air navigators and air bombers at no 1 Air Observers School.

Three photographs, two captioned ' A bevy of new sergeant air navigators, Dec '42'.
RCAF leave pass made out to Keith Thompson.
A photograph of female, head and shoulders captioned 'Tommy Adams Doris' friend'.
Four photographs of a small number…
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