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A newspaper cutting dated Summer 1939 referring to air manoeuvres over SE England. Handwritten is an annotation 'I led this raid Bill'.

Photo 1 is a man in a suit rowing a boat, identified as Dick Osmond.
Photo 2 is a woman leaning on a boat, identified as Lena Hodge.
Photo 3 is a couple including Arthur Thomas.
Photo 4 and 5 are two different couples in two boats.
Photo 6 is a…


Photo 1 is six people identified as Arthur, his mother, Uncle Leonard, Aunt Laura, Alison and Charles, at Caldicot.
Photo 2 is Arthur, Alison and Charles, in a garden.
Photo 3 is two women and two children, identified as Arthur's mother, Arthur's…

In the foreground a floating pier on the Thames. In the background the Festival of Britain showground with the Skylon and the Dome of Discovery.

Air-to-ground view of Waterloo Bridge with the Thames running top left to right. An air-to-air view of the starboard wing and engines of a Lancaster with light paint scheme is visible on the top left edge.

River Thames flows bottom right to top right with Tower Bridge in the distance. On the left side buildings, docks and boats. The Tower of London is visible on the left. Caption 'The Pool of London'.

Bob Hughes joined the RAF as war became likely to avoid repeating his father's First World War experience in the trenches and transferred to the RAF Volunteer Reserve when war was declared. He trained on Ansons and then flew in twin-engine Blenheims…
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