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Gwen Thickett was born in Rotherham and recalls her father building a shelter, the bombing of Sheffield and the American soldiers who came to the area..

Two documents issued to Don.
#1 is a notice to attend a medical examination.
#2 a note to the Postmaster stating that two postal drafts for £11/8/8 have been authorised.

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Two documents.
#1 is Don's Grade Card stating he is Grade One.
#2 is Don's postponement of calling up for the RAFVR.

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A card requiring Don to attend a medical.

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Winston Churchill being cheered in Sheffield; naval warfare in the Atlantic; German invasion of Russia; actions of the Free French Forces plus photographs of various military leaders.

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Draft of memoir with contents page - giving service history. Followed by pages with reference to photographs for name and rank, deferred service, ground training dates and places, training in Canada, back home for service flying, 5 Group, 51 base,…

Confirms their telegram that information had been received from the International Red Cross that her son was a prisoner of war. No information on address of camp he was in. As no news had been received about the rest of his crew, they ask to be…

Gives personal details and next of kin. Includes b/w photograph and fingerprint. Stalag IX C. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's German PoW ID card for Stalag IXC'.

The message expresses thanks that he is safe.

A cutting referring to the award of a DFC to Flight-Lieutenant J Bowskill.

A cutting announcing the death of Edward Fairclough on war service.

A cutting with the wedding of Evelyn and Leslie Jackson.

A package addressed to Jimmy Oates at RAF Keevil. It contains newspapers and cuttings.

A copy of The Star two days after D-Day. It contains war news, adverts, cartoons, local news and intimations.

The box used to send Jimmy's medals with his address on the front.

The telegram from his parents expresses happiness that he is safe.


The letter thanks Jimmy for his letter. They are pleased he has a partner. They are expecting a third child. They ask for a friend's address.


Sidney and Una both experienced the effect of the war in Sheffield as a child. When Dunkirk survivors arrived at the nearby Reception Centre Sidney collected many souvenirs such as cap badges and his aunt also took two soldiers in to her home while…

Photo 1 is Dorothy sitting on grass with a dog, annotated 'Dorothy and Pete Sheffield'.
Photo 2 is Dorothy standing outside a house, annotated 'Home -Sheffield'.
Photo 3 is Dorothy and a young girl, annotated 'Dorothy and Norma'.
Photo 4 is Norma…

Six photographs from an album, annotated 'The Family, Dorothy and Fred my Skipper at Sheffield. Taken in the grounds 1945'.
Photo 1 is Ray's mother, father sitting with Fred, Dorothy and Ray behind.
Photo 2 is Ray's mother and father standing in…

Photo 1 is Ray Wells, trainee airman.
Photo 2 is Seven airmen and five ground crew under the nose of their Halifax, captioned 'Halifax G -George and Crew. RAF Lisset. 158 Squadron. 1944. 37 Operations - Europe.'
Photo 3 is a side head and shoulders…
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