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Contains welcome to the club and includes tag with date, card for Flight Sergeant E W Scott, a gold caterpillar badge and envelope.

A certificate awarded to Ernest from the Confederation Europeenne des Anciens Combattants.
A newspaper article about tail-end charlies and a service held at St Clement's Dane church.

A diary kept by Ernest up to October 1945

An account of the crash of Alec's Lancaster in Overflakkee, Holland by his step sister and husband. Included in the account is a portrait of Alec and a list of the crew who died that night.

A biography of Alec written by his step sister's husband. He details the family history, his search for the grave site, his visit to the grave in 1992 and their research on the crash.

Letter and explanatory note. Thanks them for letters. States that he is browned off as they had decided he should be a navigator rather than a pilot and describes his feelings about this news and what he did about it. Comments on life in his location…

Letter and explanatory note. Reports that he has recovered from illness and spending time at home. Describes his activities getting ready to go home and his journey. Goes on to describe activities at home and plans. Reports arrival of parcel and…

Reports that he was back at base after leave. Describes some recent activities and journey. Says he should have written earlier but he was flying on long trip.

Names and next of kin of crew. Flight Sergeant Ronald Johnson - WOP/Air Gunner, Flight Sergeant William Jack - air gunner, Flight Sergeant Joseph Sagar - air gunner, F/O John Berrington - pilot (Rhodesian), Acting F/L Laurence Flynn - pilot…

Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet sitting and standing in two rows. Captioned 'Photograph kept loose as my uncle has identified his colleagues on the back. Taken February 1944'. List of crew names with aircrew position and faith. On the…

Fourteen verse poem concerning Lancaster B for Baker. Individual verses for all aircrew

Informs him that his son Sergeant Mervyn Adder was missing as a result of air operations on night 15/16 March 1944. The Lancaster in which he was flying as navigator failed to return from operation to Stuttgart.

One page of letter with no first or last page. Reports arrival at new location and describes journey through Shrewsbury to Bridgnorth. Nice countryside after Manchester.

Last two pages, no salutation page. Writes of walking back to camp and arriving too late for supper. Mentions receipt of parcel with cake. Comments on other parcels and photographs as well as an upcoming birthday.

Confirms information in telegram in which he was notified that his son had lost his life as a result of air operations on 15 March 1944. Information was from official German sources.

Written to his brother who was pilot training in Canada. Asks after Joan and mentions recent activities in Scunthorpe. Mentions he is now in the RAF and describes initial activities and train journey and meeting someone who had missed their…

Letter and accompanying explanatory text. Sorry to hear that Alex had been grounded and asked about his future. Catches up with news of a number of friends as well as sister Edith and other family members. Mentions his social life and meeting girl…

Letter and accompanying explanatory text. Writes he is still waiting for his call up papers. Describes events when girl friend came over including a dance and supper before dropping her off at her uncles where she was staying. Asks after Joan.…

Letter with explanatory note. Writes of recent posting to Scarborough and complains about training activities undertaken. Catches up with family news. States that food is good but not enough of it and comments on weather and his accommodation. Asks…

Letter and explanatory note. Catches up with news of friends. Writes of visit by his parents to Scarborough and describes activities including dinner at the Victoria hotel. Mentions receiving inoculation and being confined to barracks. Writes of…

Letter and explanatory note. Comments on Alex's new course and news. Mentions exams he had taken and provided results. Mentions his sister visiting with friend previous Sunday and possible future visits. Mentions recent invasion exercises and…

Letter and explanatory note. Congratulates him on exams and promotion. Comments on his posting to Brough East Yorkshire and was enjoying flying. Mentions journey and short visit home. Describes discipline, daily routine as well as his flying so far.

Letter and explanatory note. Writes of life at his new posting at RAF Bridgnorth. Describes typical days activities and mentions that they did not get late passes except Saturdays and no rail travel allowed so 48 hours leaves. Writes that town has 58…
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