Letter from Mervyn Adder to family



Letter from Mervyn Adder to family


Reports that he was back at base after leave. Describes some recent activities and journey. Says he should have written earlier but he was flying on long trip.




Two page handwritten letter


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Sgts Mess
RAF Station
Dunholme Lodge


Dear All,

Well here I am back again, and after a wizard leave am just settling down once more to the old routine.

I met Mary in Doncaster on Sunday, we caught a bus to Hexthorne [sic] which is on the outskirts and we walked through the Park there and along the river, it was a very nice walk and we just happened upon it as we didn’t know where we were going when we caught the bus. Mary caught the 6.30 pm bus and my train left at the same time, all the trains were late and I therefore arrived in Lincoln too late to catch a bus, however I met Joe and we had a taxi back to Camp. Denis was less fortunate for he didn’t know where this taxi office was and

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walked home, we had to wait for the taxi, but were in bed when he walked in, very disgruntled at having to come back, and very annoyed at having to walk back. Everybody had a good leave and it was two o’clock on Monday morning when we finally got to sleep after we had talked about what we had done etc.

I should have written last night but we, of course, were flying, it wasn’t a long trip but it spoilt our evening after I had planned to spend the evening in the Mess and to write a few letters. Thanks for forwarding Louis’s letter. I have just received it this lunch time so it didn’t take long to catch up with me

Well I am afraid I haven’t very much to tell you this time however I thought I had better write and let you know that I arrived back safely – cheerio for now

Love Mervyn

P.S We are going into Lincoln tonight



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