"B" for Baker



"B" for Baker


Fourteen verse poem concerning Lancaster B for Baker. Individual verses for all aircrew




Two page typewritten document


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[underlined] “B” FOR “BAKER” [/underlined]

Written by: Rita Mortimer
Assisted By: Booty, Doris, Aud., Maisie, Cally, Tommy, and Boardy.

They call her “B” for “Baker”
And she’s considered tops
By all the men who take her
To Germany on “ops”.

A huge, four-engined Lancaster
And when she’s in the blue
No other plane can master
The things that she can do.

What of the men who tend her
When she has left the ground?
Who fearlessly defend her
When Huns are flying round.

Taking each of them in turn
We’ll introduce the crew,
So that everyone may learn
Their names and what they do.

The Pilot’s name is Terry
He drives his plane with care,
A sad look-out for Jerry
When Terry’s over there.

The Navigator’s nick-named ‘Muff’
He guides her on each flight
Its up to Muff to do his stuff
And get the target right.

The lad who owns the reckless grin
Is Denis – Engineer,
And when she’s flying to Berlin
Den. gives a darn good cheer.

Sitting calmly at his guns
Is the mid-upper – Jock,
He very quickly lets the Huns
Know he’s of Scottish Stock!

Johnny’s at the wireless set,
And sits with earphones tight
He’s very sure that they will get
Their Target for To-night.

Bomb-aiming is an easy life
Says Gerry with a grin
He sits and dreams about the wife
Until they reach Berlin.

Then last, but not the least, comes Joe
Who waits with rear-guns ready
On the look-out for the foe
With fingers calm and steady.


[page break]

These seven stalwart airmen
Comprise a gallant crew
Out to show the German
What British lads can do.

These few and many others
Strive to keep us free
Fighting with their brothers
For Peace and Liberty.

There’s one thing left for us to do
So this last toast we’ll make her
A toast to both the plane and crew
Good Hunting “B” for “Baker”.

SPECIAL NOTE should be made of the fact that Booty (i.e. Miss. M. Bootyman) made some very good suggestions, and the best phrases are due to her.

With apologies for any grammatical errors I may have made.




R Mortimer, “"B" for Baker,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 25, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33201.

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