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Thomas McMahon wearing uniform, sitting on the right, with a man wearing army uniform and a third standing man in naval uniform. On the reverse is stamped 'The State 581 London Road Glasgow, .S.E. 1 May 1945' and annotated 'Thomas McMahon on the…

A group of 17 members of the camera team, nine seated with eight standing behind, including two naval officers and one man in a suit. The man seated in the centre wears the ribbon of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Of the 14 airmen, six wear berets…

An emergency red light, designed to be attached to a life jacket to allow the wearer to be located at night. The light assembly appears to be complete and has signs of wear to the black painted components.

One image shows the item fully assembled.…

Left page: top, coffin of King George VI under guard; bottom, the KIng's coffin pulled by Royal naval sailors. Right page: top, progression of the coffin through people lined street; bottom left, four suited men sat at a desk with three men behind;…

Left page: view of Luton with German annotation. Right page: top left, report of rocket development. Top right, Barracuda in flight with tail wheel showing. Middle left, three airmen standing alongside a Barracuda. Middle right, lifeboat alongside…

Reg Herring was living in London at the start of the war with his father and elder brother. His father built a shelter that collapsed after a heavy rainfall. Reg was evacuated to Sizewell and then to near Birmingham. After the war Reg returned to…

Ken Neve served as a runner with the Home Guard before joining the Fleet Air Arm. He was posted to RAF Henlow as an engineer.

Six photographs and a Certificate.
#1 is the group photograph, the signatures have been identified.
Arthur is back row, second left.
#2 is a squadron photograph with Arthur in the front row, sixth left. A typewritten caption reads 'RAF…

The six are in a row with their arms linked.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

PSmithRW23020006 copy.jpg
47 airmen and naval officers arranged in four rows outside the hotel. They are a mixture of pilots and other airmen from both forces.

PSmithRW23010056 copy.jpg
The three men are gathering firewood.


PSmithRW23010054 copy.jpg
A group of 17 men and women ready for a picnic. The airmen are wearing brevets.
There is a second image of the same group.
In Bob's memoirs he explains 'On a Sunday hike with the Twentieth Century Fox club. Alice Grosco (Organiser) at left in front…

An airman in a Sidcot suit, a WAAF, a second airman, an ATS, a soldier and a naval officer. The six are standing in front of a house.
On the reverse 'Hampstead. April 1942. Embarkation Leave'.

Ronnie Abbott's father. A Sub-Lieutenant standing in front of four large guns. On the front is a handwritten message with 'HMS Orion'.
On the reverse is 'What do you go on all done by myself [indecipherable]'

Additional information about this…

A single funneled ship. It is annotated 'Trooping Ship, Feb 14th 1934'.

A newspaper cutting about the three Homewood brothers who are serving in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Three more articles cover other Boston residents on active service.

Pages from recognition handbook of British aircraft with three axis diagrams and technical information on: Harvard, Hellcat 1, Dakota, Lockheed 14, Fortress II, Halifax I, II and V, Halifax III, Walrus, R-5 helicopter

View from front quarter below of an airborne Bristol Beaufort.

Front quarter view of airborne Bristol Beaufighter.

Front quarter view of a Fairey Barracuda.

Front view of an airborne Martin 187 Baltimore.

Side view of an airborne Grumman Wildcat.

Side view of an airborne Vickers Wellington.


Front view of an airborne Hawker Typhoon.


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