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Catches up with family news and greetings. Comments on two children and of photographs sent. Continues to catch up with news. Mentions he has been in France since D-Day and writes of experiences.

Written from Bombay wishing family a good Christmas and New Year. Describes a little of life and weather in India. Catches up with news of family and friends. Continues with description of his situation in India,

Writes he is about to embark on a ship and there will be no mail while aboard for about 5 weeks. Destination is a mystery but he speculates about the future, Catches up with family news.

Four men in uniform. Colin Atkinson (left) and three other men, a lance corporal in battle dress, a naval rating, and a man in dress uniform.

Warship afloat captioned 'HMS Nepal'. This was the ship launched by Joyce Donaldson. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Joyce Donaldson pulling mechanism to launch ship while group of military and civilian personnel look on. In the background buildings on the left the bow of ship with metal arm holding bottle and wires to launch mechanism. On the reverse negative…

Joyce Donaldson looks on at ship launch mechanism surrounded by a group of civilian and military personnel. On the left the bow of a ship. In the background buildings. On the reverse negative number 208 and stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd. Additional…

Joyce Donaldson standing by launch lever while a group of civilians and military personnel look on. In the background workshops. On the reverse a stamp for John Thornycroft Ltd. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Joyce Donaldson pulling lever to launch ship while group of civilians and military look on. On the left the bow of a ship with bottle breaking. In the background buildings. On the reverse negative number 209 and stamp for J Thornycroft Ltd,…

A letter and envelope from Harry to his wife Jessie. Harry writes about a navigation flight over Ireland and Scotland, his exams and a social evening with soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Just right of centre, Joyce Donaldson pulling a lever in a pedestal. Behind her mixed group of military and civilian personnel look on. On the left the bow of a ship. In the background workshops. Additional information about this item was kindly…

A mixed group comprising 17 airmen, three naval officers and one civilian. They are arranged in two rows in front of a single-storey wooden hut. On the reverse is '116 Sqn?'.

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A picture of a Swordfish captioned 'The Fairey Torpedo Spotter reconnaissance ship-plane (Bristol"Pegasus"). An order will probably be placed shortly for machines of this type to equip a squadron of the Fleet Air Arm. (Flight Photo.)'.


Three newspaper cuttings -
Cutting 1 is about a Cursed Farm, a farmer in Eastbourne had rented a farm and lost a substantial amount of money.
Cutting 2 is about a five inch gun from HMS Chester beside which Jack Cornwell , VC stood at the battle of…

Account of release of two Burnely men (Ordinay Seaman G Taylor and Marine C Latham) amongst French North Africa nternees freed by American Forces. Both had been aboard HMS Manchester which was torpedoed in Mediterranean on August 13th. Tells of…

Newspaper account of Flying Officer Jack Warner and his brother Geoffrey being involved in a accident where their motorcycle was in collision with a motor van.

Top, a battleship at sea captioned 'T2014 STD 22.5.45 // A/C LC380 6 3/8 [CRUISER HMS ] NEWCASTLE POST 8 HT 300' and '22 May 1945 position 8 HT 300 FT Cruiser HMS Newcastle’
Bottom, a picture of a hospital ship at sea captioned 'T2077 STD' and '6…

Colin Atkinson was 12 at the outbreak of war and grew up in Lincolnshire. His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the army. He worked as a trainee reporter for the local paper and served as a messenger for civil defence; his post was on the Castle…

Top left - view of a harbour with ships and buildings in the background. Captioned 'Famagusta Harbour Cyprus'. Top right two ships in the middle distance taken from a ship. In the foreground a group of men and a hawser. Captioned 'Ships in Haifa…

Histories of twelve Tiger Moth aircraft flown by Denis Clyde Smith while undergoing ab-initio training at Sywell.

Brown card wallet/photo holder with folded document IS9 inside, outside of wallet with impressed wording and close up of wording '[...] Promenade, Blackpool'.

Fragments of document Intelligence School 9 entitled ‘Warning against giving Information about your escape or how you evaded capture’ Gives rules about safeguarding information. Signed by F/O CR Godfrey 146099 635 Squadron. Dated 2 September…

Signal indicating bomb jettison areas agreed with Royal Navy. On the reverse some calculations.


Contains foreword by the Queen of the Netherlands as well as news about war progress, the Dutch Royal family, European resistance movements, why the German Blitzkrieg on Russia failed, Dutch flyers, church resistance, Malta surviving air raids, news…

Account of search while on 621 Squadron, RAF East Africa in Wellington JA 259 for survivors of SS Tarifa sunk in mid ocean 13 March 1944. Found a boat and raft, fixed position and dropped water cans. Stayed with boat throughout the afternoon and…
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