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Four photographs from an album.
#1 is nine ground crew and Marion, captioned 'Flight Boys of 170 Squadron December 1944.'
#2 is a sergeant leaning on a tree with a Nissen hut behind. It is captioned 'Here's to the Blood Wagon Chris wrote on the…

Explains how work of association is carried out and describes facilities for families and disabled, clothing, employment bureau, housing, representatives, Scottish branches and subscriptions.

Kenneth Souter was born in Sunderland. His father ran a business importing wooden pit props. Kenneth learned to fly at Cambridge, and his first air experience flight was on the 5th of July 1939, and after training he went solo on the 31st of July…

Nine sailors lined up behind a bar named 'Hinky Dink Bar'. On the reverse 'Tom in Navy'.

Tom Jones, Jack’s younger brother, is second left.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

A group of four sailors. Tom Jones (J T Jones's brother) is bottom right.
On the reverse 'Tom, my father's brother'.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Left page - top left - air-to-air view from below astern of a Spitfire registration 'PS94[..]'.
Top right - view from underneath of an Avro Vulcan. Captioned 'Avro Vulcan'.
Middle right - rear quarter view of the front part of a D H Rapide.…

Programme is for Pwllhi and Lleyn, 21 -28 March 1942, image of Winston Churchill on the reverse.

Margaret was almost twelve years old at the outbreak of World War Two and living in Romford, Essex. She remembers the announcement made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on September 3rd 1939. Margaret recounts being issued with a gas mask and how…

Writes of worrying about correspondence when one is so far away from home and continues with philosophical chat. Catches up with family news. Writes that he is in hospital with septic arm and measles. He would be out the next day but had been put…


Settling into new location after arriving safely in Canada. Catches up with family news and talks a little of his activities. Comments on lack of blackout compared to home and writes of hospitable local people. Mentions arrival of snow and how well…


Writes thanking him for letters and discusses money jointly spent on sons uniform. Talks about his current location and lack of progress and thinks they are wasting their time. Speculates on the near future, Catches up with other family matters.

On the left a man sitting on a chair weaning Naval uniform with cap. On the right standing, a boy dressed in naval uniform with sailors cap. On the reverse 'Albert and Peter, Peter aged 5 and Uncle Albert 7/1/1942'.

A battleship moored in Hong Kong harbour.

A rear admiral in uniform carrying a stick and accompanied by an RAF flight lieutenant inspects the front rank of a parade of RAF servicemen.

Six RAF officers, a naval rear admiral and three civilians, two with mayoral chains, standing on a reviewing platform. In the background trees.

RAF and other military officers as well as civilians including one with mayoral chains standing on a platform decorated with union and Australian flags. In the background multi-story city buildings. On the reverse 'Rear Admiral Allen, the Lord Mayor…

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Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a street scene.
Photo 2 is HMS 'Sagitta' at Suez.
Photo 3 is a sunset at Suez port.

White disc with army/navy/air force symbols superimposed. Crown above and Veteran below.

Gold anchor with crown, horseshoe surround.

Colour artwork poster with queue of women with three in army, RAF and Navy uniform at the front having stepped through a large V. They are followed by a nurse and a mass of other women in various dress. In the background a hill and trees.

Winston Churchill wearing RAF uniform and smoking cigar walks with an officer wearing khaki desert uniform. behind them on the right is a naval officer. To the left a group of five officers and one civilian wearing a hat. On the right the front of an…

Letter of thanks to families for food parcels etc, plus detailed description of Laghuoat prisoner of war camp and surrounding area. Mentions they were allowed out twice week to walk in the desert and obtaining a few items through a local agent.…

A group of cadets being inspected by a naval officer. Information supplied with the collection records '21F Sqn ATC inspection by Adm Evans'.

A letter of encouragement to Allied forces in the Mediterranean theatre.

Photo 1 is a starboard side ground view of a Firefly.
Photo 2 is a starboard/front flying view of a Hampden.


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