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Judy has just heard that Ted is a prisoner of war. She tells her news from her new station.

42 Airwomen arranged in four rows in front of a wooden hut. It is annotated 'NCO Admin School Wilmslow March 29th to April 19th 1944'. On the reverse many of the WAAFs have signed their names.

He apologises for having nothing new to say but he is fit and well.

Flight engineer on B-24. Posted to 614 Squadron at Amendola, Italy. Relates first trip in Wellington, flew with squadron CO. Gives some description of Amendola air base operations. Relates some experiences with oil drum heater. Mentions flying home…

Course photograph of a large group of airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in four rows, Two officers sit in centre of front row. Names are captioned below and James Doughty is sitting front row first on the right.

Comments that he did not have operation as second dicky but went straight on ops. Writes about special duties on Stirling with GH. Mentioned doing Lancaster Finishing School and comments on comparison of Stirling and Lancaster. On the reverse some…

Biography of Rohan Amerasekera. Consist of early life, war service in the RAF including training eventually as as a navigator. Operational tours on 158 Squadron and 35 Squadrons. Lists his crew. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross in January 1944.…

Top - Squadron Leader Robert A.M. Palmer V.C. Announces award of Victoria Cross after being reported missing after a particularly hazardous daylight operation over Cologne. Includes head and shoulder b/w photograph of Robert Palmer wearing…

Top - V.C, led attack in blazing plane. Account of last operation leading attack on marshalling yard in Cologne from which he failed to return but was awarded the Victoria Cross. Left - New airman V.C. Always chosen for special operations. Some…

States that Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer previously winner of DFC and became Kent's sixth V.C of that war. Gives some personal and operational background and gives account of operation to Cologne which resulted in award of…

Informs him that his son was missing as result of air operations on 23 December 1944.

Made out for Whitley from 29 OTU on 24 September 1940. Location Ben Aigan. Gives some details of crash.

Includes notes on: maintenance organisation, form 700, maintenance orders, flight testing of aircraft and rigging.


Includes notes on the air force act, Kings regulations and air council instructions, the official secrets act, disclosure of information, communications to the press, complaints and grievances, testimonials, communication with officials, officers…

Relates events during operation to Essen on 12/13 March 1943. Enemy fighter attacked and was engaged and hit by rear gunner. Claimed as damaged. After releasing bombs in heavy anti-aircraft fire and searchlights rear gunner engaged Me 109. Gunner…

The letter asks if she enjoyed service life and asks if she will help train girls for the services.

Mentions travel by rail to Moncton and comments on cold weather. Writes of his activities, food available and local shops. Goes on to describe onward train journey to the United States including food, countryside, weather and stops. Arrived at Turner…

Writes that he had arrived after an uneventful voyage across the Atlantic but did not know the name of port at which he disembarked. Comments about the voyage and his current situation, including sleeping arrangements, food, activities, weather and…

Two newspaper cuttings, the first from the Ayr Advertiser has a photograph of Charles, the second has a brief biography and mentions his family in the Forces.

The letter is written from a Prisoner of War camp, Stalag Luft 1, in 1941. He says he is recovering from his burns and is feeling better. He looks forward to getting home and sends his best wishes. Several fellow prisoners of war are mentioned by…

Gives birth and death dates and service history in Polish and Royal Air Force.

The notes indicate the bomb distribution in the bomb bay, aircraft code 'M', the total weight of the bomb load, the all up weight of the aircraft, height of the bombing and heading and target indicator colours.
Also aircraft call sign and fuel…

26 airmen arranged in three rows. They are all dressed in shorts and khaki. Behind are palm trees. On the reverse several of the men have signed their names plus 'No 9 Admin Course March 1946 RAF Kandy Ceylon'.
There is a second identical copy.

A newspaper cutting about a play put on by The Stage Club at the Victoria theatre, Singapore. On the reverse are adverts.
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