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Provides results of attacks on Mailly le Camp military depot and tank park 3/4 May, Clerment-Ferrand aircraft factory 29/30 April, Toulouse aircraft assembly works and Montaudran airfield 5/6 April and 1/2 May, Lyon Motor vehicle works 1/2 May,…

A memoir by Joe Harrison of his first operation in 1943. He describes the initial briefing, the events during the bombing run, the damage to their aircraft and his subsequent illness. Includes descriptions of the post-op analysis and good crew…

Catches up with family news. Writes of life at RAF on Initial Training Wing at RAF Aberystwyth. Tells her what scores he got in tests, how much he’s earning and how leave is looking more unlikely. He also tells her about being interviewed by the…

Letter written over several days. Initially expecting to have his flying test the next day and be able to return for leave soon after, but this is changed following snow. He and six others are unable to take their tests in time and remain at the…

Report from western Germany. One page of a propaganda leaflet produced by the Psychology War Department and Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force. The second page is absent, but both pages are translated into English.


A postcard from John Valentine to his wife Ursula written from RAF Grantham. He tells her that this is not his permanent address and that they are still in the dark about future duties.

Number 30. Writes that medical comforts parcel (lists contents) and tobacco from father had arrived. Writes of his activities and weather. Christmas Red Cross parcels have arrived. Hopes daughter Frances had good Christmas.

Number 31. Reports no new mail received. Mentions parcels that have arrived. Writes of reading about agriculture and plans for future and where and in what sort of house they might live. Encourages her to approach an estate agent. Mentions weather,…

Number 32. Notes letters received. States he has no objects belonging to his pilot (Floyd) and that he also tried to get recognition of his gallantry without success. Catches up with news. Writes he is fully occupied but has not stated his…

Number 106(49). Reports arrival of two of her letters and that she will not hear from him for a while as they leave the next day. Mentions music exams he taken. Says he will keep up his violin, his study of agriculture and Dutch. He writes that he is…

Number 51. Describes conditions in new camp. Mentions they no longer cook their own food therefore little distraction from monotony. Mentions difficulties in continuing with his violin. States that mail will be slow for a few weeks, comments…

Number 121-28. Still no mail or food parcels. No chance to practise violin and therefore bored. Good weather and suntan. Reports on health and flies. Mentions war news getting better and optimism abounds but not him. Still worried over new weapons.…

Number 172-29. Delighted to get two letters from her and thrilled to hear of birthday gift although he states he is not a virtuoso on the violin. Red cross violin has not arrived but German one has been repaired. Catches up with family friends news…

Writes of her attempts to recover money that he left in his locker. Says no letter from him for three weeks. Hopes to get his prisoner of war number so she can send him books.

Acknowledges receipt of his postcard number 5 and is worried about his health. Asks if he has received Red cross parcels yet and mentions parcels of cigarettes and tobacco she has sent. States her plan to send him agricultural books for study.…

Catches up with received and sent mail and complains about censor restrictions on what she is allowed to write. Continues with description of her and daughters recent activities. Mentions she bought herself a skirt and her plans to send him a chess…

Thanks him for recent letter and mentions that she is going to fete that afternoon where daughter will figure in fancy dress competition. This would clash with her sister's arrival for the weekend. Writes of partially successful shopping in Amersham…

An invitation issued to all married families to attend a presentation, march past and parade at St Eval.

Writes that his kit bag had arrived and she had washed contents. Mentions his violin was OK apart from slight damage. Continues with news of daughter and shopping and mentions she is not feeling well. Hopes he is enjoying new place.

Explains three religious books that he has sent to John Valentine. Catches up with family news.


A magazine produced in a prisoner of war camp. It describes the need for education in the camp, the lecturers, the subjects taught and examinations taken or about to be taken.

In the log Dick Curnock recorded crew and friends names and addresses, an obituary of Ginge Wheeldon who was shot by a Typhoon whilst on a march, cartoons, sketches of aircraft, dates of letters received and samples of window.

From M H Grundy mentions that he had seen Douglas's family and told them that he had received mail from Douglas and allowed them to read them. Continues with news of blitz on Manchester and his going to cinema as first visit since the bombing. Asks…

From Mildred H Grundy writes pleased to receive his letter and notes that it was a long time in transit. Writes of her activities including fire watching and her job. Writes of putting clocks back and having to go to bed earlier. mentions Queen's…

Reports arrival of mail and notes all sent up to 4 February apart from one had now arrived. Glad his letters had also gotten to them. Writes about books he is reading. Mentions correspondence with family of Eric Pickles a navy man in the camp.…
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