Abstract from Bomber Command quarterly review, June 1944



Abstract from Bomber Command quarterly review, June 1944


Provides results of attacks on Mailly le Camp military depot and tank park 3/4 May, Clerment-Ferrand aircraft factory 29/30 April, Toulouse aircraft assembly works and Montaudran airfield 5/6 April and 1/2 May, Lyon Motor vehicle works 1/2 May, Munich 24/25 April, Brunswick 22/23 April and 22/23 May





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[underlined] Mailly le Camp Military Depot and Tank Park. [/underlined]

As will be seen in the photograph included in this issue, the damage inflicted in the attack of 3/4 May was on a tremendous scale. This Target comprised one of the chief German tank training centres in France and apart from the material damage, the enemy suffered heavy losses in troops. The importance attached to its complet [sic] destruction is indicated by the weight of bombs dropped. 1,776 tons. Very heavy destruction was wrought throughout the large group of M.T. and barrack buildings. Not one of the 47 M.T. buildings on the north side of the site has escaped damage, 34 being totally destroyed. A large group of about 114 barrack buildings also suffered severe damage. Further destruction was inflicted through out workshops to the south of this group, and to the east a group of M.T. buildings, and ammunition dump, range, training area and tank garages.

[paragraph deleted] [underlined] 29/30 April. Clermont-Ferrand Aircraft Factory [/underlined]
216 tons.

Destruction here was widespread and included two very large hangars destroyed and nine others badly damaged. The main six-bay workshop was half demolished and the offices ruined by a direct hit. No fewer than 40 other buildings were affected the main road and light railway serving the airfield were torn up in many places and there were 100 craters on the landing ground. [/paragraph deleted]

[underlined] Toulouse. [/underlined]

5/6 April. Aircraft assembly works, Montaudran airfield. 574 tons.

1/2 May. Aircraft assembly works, explosive works. 515 tons.

The target area contained four priority objectives - the S.N.C.A. de S.E. aircraft assembly plant, the Ateliers Regionnaux de l’Artillerie de l’Air (aircraft repair plant), the Louis Breguet aircraft factory, and the Montaudrun airfield. All suffered tremendous damage, most of the buildings being either destroyed or badly damaged and a number of aircraft were affected on the ground.

[underlined] 1/2 May. Lyons Motor Vehicle Works. 353 tons. [/underlined]

Almost the entire works was damaged. The despatch shed for lorries was almost completely destroyed, and the shed where these were held in stock was very severely damaged. Elsewhere throughout the plant units affected in varying degrees were the workshop for the assembly of lorry chassis, cast-iron foundry, workshop for stamping machines, hardening and welding, the administrative office, laboratory, the workshop for making transmission units, and the gear cutting shop.

[underlined] Munich. [/underlined] 24/25 April.

This attack produced damage on a scale seldom achieved in relation to the size of the force employed. Most of Munich’s important public buildings and business property, public utilities and transport facilities have been destroyed. The city is one of Germany’s principal garrison towns and no less than six groups of barracks have received extensive damage. Several buildings used by the Nazi party have either been completely gutted or severely damaged.

[underlined] Brunswick [/underlined] 22/23 April 22/23 May.

The greater proportion of damage was inflicted in the first of the above attacks with considerable destruction to the business and residential area south of the city centre. Also involved were the marshalling yard, and railway equipment works of Vereinigte Putzkraftwagen.



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