Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula



Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula


Thanks him for recent letter and mentions that she is going to fete that afternoon where daughter will figure in fancy dress competition. This would clash with her sister's arrival for the weekend. Writes of partially successful shopping in Amersham and that she is looking forward to seeing her sister again. Signs off with general banter.



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Four page handwritten letter


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14th July

Darling Johnnie,

Thank you for your letter of 12th enclosing one from Allan. I may drop him a line if I get around to it but it doesn’t seem very likely. Anyway give him my kind regards & all that if you see him, I’m sorry to have missed him & hope we may meet again some day. This afternoon is the garden fete in the Rectory grounds, in which Frances hopes to figure in the fancy dress parade as a fairy. She really looks quite sweet in her outfit. Clashing with this is Barbara’s arrival for the weekend, so

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I phoned her last night (it took me 1/2 hr to get “8 minutes”) & told her to come to the fete, & have been busy getting supper ready beforehand. I’ll have to take the pram down to the fete with me to carry back Ba’s suitcase.

Yesterday we went in to Amersham couldn’t buy most of the things I wanted & got a lot of others instead, including a length of green woollen material reduced from 6 coupons to 2 as it is slightly soiled. I’m going to wash it & hope the marks come out. It’ll make F a dress & me a blouse. I also bought a dozen preserving jars, as

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we only have a few & I want to get a decent stock of fruit put by for the winter.

I’m looking forward very much to seeing Ba again. She’s staying till Monday, catching the 4.15 from King’s X, so we may possibly go up to town with her for the day, unless she has other plans.

Excuse writing getting worse & worse in my hurry. I’m surprised you say Turbett was noisy. I thought him rather a sober young fellow. Lucky chap to be on leave. Glad the cleaning arrived OK. There seem to be no more to be had, worse luck. Will send socks soon. All my love darling, Ursula.

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[child like writing and crosses at bottom of the page]



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