Invitation to attend presentations and parade



Invitation to attend presentations and parade
Presentation of the Aird Whyte Trophy


An invitation issued to all married families to attend a presentation, march past and parade at St Eval.



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From:- Wing Commander Administrative.
To:- All Married Families
Date:- 29 June, 1954.
[underlined] Presentation of Aird Whyte Trophy [/underlined]
1. The Aird Whyte Trophy, which has been won by No. 206 Squadron, R.A.F. St. Eval, will be presented to the Squadron Commander by the Air Member for Personnel, Air Chief Marshall Sir Francis Fogarty K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., A.F.S., at 11.30 hours on Friday, 2nd July, 1954.
2. A.M.P. will be accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Aird Whyte, the A.O.C., 19 Group and the Senior Air Staff Officer, Headquarters, Coastal Command. After the presentation, the march past will take place and then the official party will inspect the Airmens Club No. 206 Squadron dispersal and aircraft, the Airmens Dining Hall followed by lunch in the Officers Mess.
3. All families living at St Eval are cordially invited to view the parade from the spectators stand which will be located on the grass to the north of Air Traffic Control and opposite No.2 Hangar. All spectators to be in their places by 10.45 hours. Spectators will remain in the enclosure until after completion of the march past at 11.30 hours.
Wing Commander
Wing Commander Administrative.



Wing Commander WH Cliff, “Invitation to attend presentations and parade,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 13, 2024,

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