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Covers coastal patrols to determine density and frequency coverage of enemy radar organisation, discovery of new enemy radar type and monitoring enemy overland radar and communications. Mentions use of specially equipped Wellington flown over enemy…

Sixteen aircraft listed (Domine, Proctor, Anson, Wellington, Lancaster, Lincoln, B-29, Halifax, C-47, Neptune, Shackleton, Hastings, Varsity, Argosy, Victor, Vulcan) for a total of approximately 11,000 flying hours.

Left page - top left - head on view of a parked Lincoln. Captioned 'Avro Lincoln'. Top right - side view of a parked four engine bomber. Both top images captioned 'KM-J, 44 (Rhodesia) Sq, RAF Mildenhall'. Bottom left 'front quarter view of a parked…

B-29 on the right (Betty Marion), light paint scheme Lancaster in the centre and Avro York on the left all lined up on airfield hard-standing with many spectators walking in front.

Vertical air to ground view of an airfield parking pan running top left to bottom right. Airfield buildings are also shown. Parked on the pan are Lancaster, B-29, C-57, Northrop P61, B-17 and Lockheed Constellation as well as other aircraft.…

Man looking through a metal instrument which he is holding up to the Perspex of a window on a B-29. He is leaning forward. He is wearing a cap with earphones over, and a leather jacket with a harness over. There are controls for a heated suit, and…

An airman in khaki and shorts standing on a beach. A four engined aircraft is flying very low behind him.

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A man (USAF Crew member) pointing to the nose art on an USAF B-29 aircraft The Great Artiste. Nose art shows a smiling man in tails with Great Artiste above. This aircraft flew as an observation aircraft on Hiroshima and Nagasaki operations.…

Port side interior of B-29 cockpit, captioned, 'Airplane Commander's Station'. Several instruments are visible, plus the maker's plaque saying 'The Boeing B-29 Superfortress'. A man's right arm is visible with his hand holding the cross piece of the…

Partial view of B-29 cockpit, with upper gun turret, and escape hatch. The starboard wing is reflected in the fuselage panelling.


B-29 control panel, captioned, 'Flight Engineer's Station', showing numerous dials, switches and levers. Part of a window is visible in the upper left portion.

Air-to-air view of B-29 in flight, taken from above, of the rear starboard quarter. On the ground there are fields, roads and scattered buildings. Part of a built up community is visible in the bottom left. The top third of the photograph is a taken…


Air-to-air view of B-29 WF491 in flight, taken on the same level from behind the port wing.


An air-to-air oblique photograph of B-29, 487775, in flight over farmland. Scattered cloud.


Four ground crew plus a sergeant inspecting the lower gun turret of a B-29 with it's cowling off. Three of the aircrew, and the sergeant are wearing overalls, the other man is wearing work shirt and trousers. In the background a scaffolding platform…

Nose wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Nose Gear'. The wheels are chocked with wooden blocks, joined with rope. Hangars and further aircraft can be see in the background.

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B-29 parked on concrete pan facing left, with ladder up to starboard rear. In the background several Lancasters and other aircraft.

Rear turret of B-29, showing a man wearing a cap inside the turret, with his left hand on a mechanism. He is looking at or through the mechanism. The right side of his face is brightly illuminated. In the background, on the lower left edge, can be…

Tail section of B-29, N91329, showing rear gunner's position, mid upper and lower gun turrets, and skid plate. 137 is on the tail, plus identification flashes. In the background can be see a number of hangers. An aerial runs from the top of the tail,…

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Two upper turrets on B-29, both have their covers off, and each is being serviced by two men. One man on each is wearing overalls and a cap indicating 91st Gunnery Section. The other two men are wearing jackets and leather gloves. The furthest…

Main wheel assembly of B-29 on the ground, captioned, 'Main Gear'. The inside wheel is chocked with a wooden block. The nose gear can be seen in the background.


Air-to-air view of B-29, serial number WF491, in flight.

Colour photograph of the nose of 'Bockscar', the USAF B-29 bomber that dropped the 'Fat Man' bomb over Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

Colour photograph of the nose of an aircraft 'Bockscar' USAF B-29 bomber that dropped a bomb over Nagasaki on August 9th 1945. With nose art of railway line with a rail boxcar with wings. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by…
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