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Each page documents a table of attacks on the docks of Malta. The air raids detailed in the table record the raid number, number of casualties, damage (both place and extent) and damage to ships and equipment.


The letter asks that Les' mother forwards her letter from Les confirming he is a prisoner of war.

He has had no mail from her. Its been raining again. He is rehearsing for a concert party. No sport this week because of the weather.

He asks for a cigarette machine and a diary. His health is good. They are having a sports meeting plus board games, lectures and concerts.

The letter advises that his son has died of wounds whilst a prisoner of war.

The writer promises to clear up a confusion caused by a telegram received from the International Red Cross.

The writer expresses shock that Les' name has appeared on a list of deceased from the International Red Cross.

The letter acknowledges that Les is a prisoner of war in Tripoli. It advises the procedure of sending mail and parcels to Les.

The letter advises that Les is a prisoner of war.

He is in good health and the prisoners have had a big concert. He has been on long walks and they have had lectures and a debate.

Written by Ken Boyd the brother-in-law of a Bomber Command pilot Wilfred Comrie who was killed in a crash at RAF Pocklington in March 1943. Wilfred was an American who joined the RCAF in May 1941 and served on 102 Squadron. Ken Boyd was a first…

Top left a man wearing uniform tunic holding a dog with bushes in the background. Captioned 'Gordon Mills Aug 41'. Top right a three-quarter length portrait of a man wearing tunic and side cap sitting. Bottom left another copy of top right…

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Thirty six airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps sitting and standing in three rows. They are all holding scrolls. On the wall behind United States and British flags. Captioned 'First graduating Class of British cadets at Calstrom field, August…


Half length view of a man wearing checked shirt and a woman sitting side by side on a bench. Captioned 'Roy and "Claire" (Madeleine Lovinfiosse) taken on the run August 1941'.


Describes events leading up to and including Jack Newton's last operation before crash landing in Belgium. Lists his crew and gives account of their attempts at evasion, meeting with Belgian helpers, moving to various safe houses and Jack Newton's…

Writes that he had not found out how Langlois was arrested but it seem that the Belgian he was with had been betrayed. Asks about his activates after the war and tells a little of his own. Says he is enclosing report. Report covers the crash landing…

Sixty-one airman sitting and standing in four rows. all are wearing tunics, one officer centre front row wear peaked cap, all the others wear side caps. In the background a building with windows.
Captioned 'B Flight No 2 Squadron, 3 LTW August…


Gives rules for letters, enclosures, methods of address for prisoners where war number and camp address known or details not yet announced. Mentions prisoners in Italian hands and that no attempts should be made to contact through neutral countries.…

One postcard, front & reverse, Postcard Carte Postale Kodak, RAF airman standing full length in desert uniform, handwritten on front ‘Love Ted’ & handwritten on reverse ‘Just got my knees brown, and sand in my shoes, as you can see’ also…


Handwritten notes include: care and custody of tools, use of tools, identification of nuts and bolts, elementary engines, care and maintenance of engines, Kestrel engine description and assembly, Pegasus engine description and assembly, airscrews,…

Transcripts of nearly 50 telegrams between Douglas Hudson and his parents between August 1941 and November 1942.

From Mildred H Grundy writes pleased to receive his letter and notes that it was a long time in transit. Writes of her activities including fire watching and her job. Writes of putting clocks back and having to go to bed earlier. mentions Queen's…

A group of about 59 airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Spitfire. It is captioned 'Test & Issues 103 MU Aug 1941'.
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