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Harry Pollock grew up in London and worked as an apprentice floor layer and as a fireman on the London Midland Scottish Railway before he joined the RAF in 1943. After training, he completed 36 operations as an air gunner with 78 Squadron from RAF…

Photograph 1 is an air-to-air view of eight Lincolns, captioned 'Showing the flag. The start & return of trip round Malaya'.
Photograph 2 is an oblique aerial view of a city and river, captioned 'Saigon, Indo-China'.
Photograph 3 is and air-to-air…

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Warrant Officer Les Arrowsmith’s flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers, from 28 January 1946 to 18 July 1950. Mainly records his training and various postings in the Far East as navigator within Transport…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a swimming pool at Saigon with airmen relaxing.
Photo 2 is a view from the veranda of the Transit hotel, Saigon.
Photo 3 is a view from the billets at Bangkok.
Photo 4 is the control tower at Bangkok.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a swimming pool at Cercle Sportif Swimming Club, Saigon.
Photo 2 is a house.
Photo 3 is a man in white RAF uniform.

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A swimming pool at Saigon with several swimmers. On the reverse 'Cercle Sportif Swimming Club at Saigon. It was meant to be an action photo but I took it a wee bit too soon as the fellow hadn't left the board'.


A ship moored at the side of the river. On the reverse 'A French warship in the river at Saigon as seen from the window of the place we stay at there'.

The cathedral with a rickshaw in the foreground.
There is a second copy.

Two photographs taken in front of a naval vessel.
Photo 1 is a casually dressed airman .
Photo 2 is an airman in khaki uniform and shorts. On the reverse is 'Saigon'.


Two photographs of different men in rickshaws.
Both show an airman sitting in a rickshaw being pulled by a Vietnamese man. Behind is a naval vessel.


A naval ship on the river at Saigon. On the reverse is 'Mee Kong [sic] River'.

Three airmen in khaki.


Henry sitting at his desk. Behind is a map with a route from Saigon to Kelantang and Singapore marked on.


Seven men in khaki standing at the entrance to RAF Transport Command Air Transit Centre, Saigon. On the reverse 'Saigon'.


Two photographs of a crowd waiting for a parade. On the reverse of the second is 'S'

Two photographs of three men posing in swimming trunks. Behind is a ship.
On the reverse of photo 1 is 'S French liason [sic] officer'.

Three photographs of the Majestic Hotel in Saigon. The hotel was used by RAF Transport Command. On the reverse of photo 3 is 'Majestic H Saigon'.

Speculates on Rosser's current (civil/military) status and therefore addresses him as 'Mr'. Writes that he arrived in India some months ago but after the Japanese surrender and that he was flying transport on Dakotas from Rangoon. Comments on…
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