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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Gulf of Mexico"

Top left - three men wearing swimming trunks on a wooden raft or pier in the sea. Captioned 'After a dip in the Gulf'.
Top middle - view across beach with buildings in palm trees in the distance.
Top right - piles of sacks of mail. Captioned 'The…


Top left - view down on swimming pool with palm trees in foreground. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Lydo, Sarasota, Mexican Gulf'.
Top right - view across waters to tree lined shore. Palm trees on nearside. Captioned 'Siesta Keys, Mexican Gulf'.

Top - train on track in middle of town with a figure standing in front. Building on the right and car of left. Captioned 'Traffic stops while the daily special leaves Sarasota'.
Bottom left - view of sea across shore, captioned 'view of Siesta Keys…

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