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Sergeant Bird's crew award for the best photographs for August 1944. The artwork comprises a drawing of a Wellington with Bird and his crew, Boulton, Bentley, Dean and Beckett named below, set against a circular ribbon with the words: 'THE BEST…

The author is delighted that Les is safe, albeit a prisoner of war.

The writer informs Les' mother that Sergeant Hyde died of his wounds in Tripoli. He has had no news of the pilot, Wing Commander Pepper.

The writer expresses shock that Les' name has appeared on a list of deceased from the International Red Cross.

The writer has received letters and cards from Les' mother indicating he is alive.

The writer confirms that her son is definitely a prisoner of war.

The letter confirms that John is missing during an operation over Hamburg. The circumstances are not known.

The letter advises that John's effects have been forwarded to the Central Depsoitory.

The message advises that her son is missing.

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. On the front cover is written: '1801494 LAC ROYALL G.L. 27/6/43'. The magazine contains articles of local and war news, a description of what life is currently like in Britain, photographs of key personnel at…

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. Contains articles on local news, letters of thanks, entertainment, keeping fit, sports reports and results, poems, personal experiences in the RAF, sketches showing life at RAF Woodbrook, South African…

A card issued by 61 Staging Post, Officers' Mess. It includes the menu and on the reverse signatures collected on the day.


A list of duty NCOs at three airfield locations.

Jim's copy of the programme for his graduation. It includes a list of all the graduates and their town and country of origin.

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Informing her that her son is missing after operations.

42 air school magazine. Articles, cartoons, artwork, club information, sports news, poems, advertisements, editor, padre, news from other stations in southern Africa, weddings and births, sports results.

The letter explains who will assist her in visiting her son's grave.

The letter advises that her husband's body has been positively identified after exhumation. He has now been moved to the British Military Cemetery, Berlin.

The letter advises that due to the time Frank has been reported missing then he is presumed dead.

The letter advises that he is required to relinquish his commission in the RAF Volunteer Reserve.

A letter sent by the Air Ministry detailing the death of Sergeant William Richard Hunt. The letter includes the date of William Richard Hunt's presumed death and where he is buried. It is signed by a Flying Officer.

Letter informing Flight Lieutenant Mills that his service with the Royal Air Force expired.
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