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An aerial vertical photograph of a coastline lined with docks and buildings. At the top and inlet with docks and town buildings to its left. Below a peninsular are three docks pointing down and left. A large warship is moored in the bottom dock. Just…

Arctic Star pin badge in a white presentation box.

Aerial vertical photograph showing a coastal town with docks on the coast and a river running through the middle. On the right open water with a breakwater in the top right corner pointing down. Above the river on the four large jetties point into…

Front and back views of a silver tie pin

White thread, red highlights and black text 'Dieu et mon droit'. Black background.

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Sergeant Charlie Darby, air gunner from 22 January 1944 to 16 January 1945. Charlie Darby was stationed at RAF Castle Kennedy and RAF Driffield where he flew Anson, Wellingtons and Halifaxes Mk 2 and 3.…

The log book covers the training and operational career of bomb aimer Peter Bellingham from 10 March 1943 to 21 February 1946. After training in South Africa he flew Halifaxes and Stirlings with 138 Squadron, taking part in 30 night operations over…

Warrant Officer Colin Cole's release from service form. (22 December 1942 to 11 December 1946)

Log book for Sergeant Edward Milling from 16 August 1942 to 27 September 1943. Navigator Sergeant E Milling was stationed with 103 Squadron at RAF Elsham Wolds, and 166 Squadron at RAF Kirmington, where he flew Lancasters. The log book details 27…

Pass for Mrs Banks to deal with Navy, Army and Air Force Institute grocery bar at RAF Feltwell.

Service in the Royal Air Force (25 April 1935 to 23 January 1948), then released as Temporary Flight Sergeant. Mentioned in despatches 14 June 1945. Contains dates of enlistment and discharge as well as personnel details, trade of photographer, his…

Contains personal and service information for James Banks
who enlisted for nine years of service 25 April 1935.
Includes leave pass for 13 April 1947 to 19 April 1947.

From Group Captain commanding records office concerning James Bank's re-enlistment. Notes that the matter has been forwarded to the Air Ministry as Mr Banks was previously discharged on medical grounds. This would delay his application.

From Group Captain in command of records office. Further to previous letter noting that while Mr Banks application to re-join the Royal Air Force had been considered, and that his health was now good, there was a risk of breakdown under service…

From Air Officer Commanding records office. Points out that the records office has already written to tell Mr Banks that his re-enlistment request had been carefully considered by the Air Ministry who decided that it was not possible to offer further…

Noted that James Banks has applied to enlist in 3619 Fighter Control Unit of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Royal Air Force flying log book for Sergeant John Young, flight engineer, covering the period 28 June 1944 to 6 January 1945, detailing training, and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF St Athan, RAF Eastmoor. Aircraft flown in were the Halifax…

The service record of Sergeant Arthur Cushway, killed in action.

Harry Parkins' identity card issued on 10 December 1946. Details changes of rank from 1 July 1946 to 12 August 1949.

A line of the noses of several Harrows. It is titled 'Crown Copyright Reserved' and captioned 'Handley Page "Harrow" A/C 214 (B) Squadron For Publication',

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks run from the upper centre left to the centre right of the photograph. Captioned, '5B' and '4304 BRN 15/16.3.45 // NTB 25000 076 2120 Berlin D 4MC500DT C42Secs …

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Two sets of target indicator streaks run from the centre to the right of the photograph. Captioned '5B' and '4285 BRN 14/15.3.45 // NT 8 25000 066 213030 Berlin D 2MC500DT 2MC500LD CH2Secs…

Target photograph of Berlin with no ground features visible. Some target indicator streaks run from the upper left of the photograph toward the centre, with more coming into the top left of the photograph toward the top centre. Captioned '5/B', and…
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