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A formal photograph of 61 trainees, two non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and two officers arranged in nine rows. The trainees are standing while the NCOs and officers are seated at the front. Bernard Ross is standing in the second row of trainees,…

Five photographs. From top to bottom, left to right: #1: Three airmen in tunics, two with brevets, sitting on a couch. Captioned: 'FRIEND'. #2: A group of army and RAF servicemen, all wearing battledress, sitting and standing in two rows. Most have…

A folded card describing the association's membership types, committee and objectives. The association's secretary is identified on the back by an ink stamp.

Small folded card giving service details, address and showing subscription paid for 1997.

Part of RAF Air Ministry pamphlet detailing qualifications; selection for training as pilot; selection for advancement to commission; pay during training; remustering, promotion and pay; war pay; dependents allowance; voluntary allotments; and war…

Drawing of tree with birds and signs, list of food for dinner for sergeants' mess at RAF Abu Sueir. Signatures on the reverse.

Writes complaining about his current location. Mentions the trip he had been promised and that he let him know about his end of the job. Asks that Vic does not mention his Africa Star. Sends regards to Vic's family.

Nine airmen wearing dust coats over uniform in a workshop gathered round aircraft engines. On the wall behind blackboards with 'Pegasus' printed on them.
On the reverse '98 Entry B Class Halton 7.5.43' and 12 signatures.

Top - air-to-air photograph of a Lancaster letter 'KO-J' DS626 over open countryside. The pilot was Sergeant G P Finnerty. Captioned 'Our aircraft homeward bound, after a night out. (of a different kind) 115 Squadron, March 1943'.
Bottom right -…

Reports that Mrs K Gill had now been informed that her husband previously reported missing was now presumed to have been killed. Gives some local history of Ken Gill. Includes b/w full face portrait.

Writes that he had finished the course and should be on his way home soon. Catches up with recent mail from home. Says he will try and get bananas to bring home. Mentions gifts for family that he has obtained to bring home. Catches up with news of…

Writes that he had returned to Moncton after being eliminated from pilot training and that after being boarded at Trenton Ontario, he re-mustered as an observer. Goes back to describe his activities while at Moncton including local sightseeing,…

The Honor system used and what is does not tolerate.

Two reconnaissance photographs of the Donges oil refinery, near Nantes in France before and after the bombing operations.
The photographs were released for publication in newspapers.
The second photograph shows extensive damage with many buildings,…

The notes indicate the bomb distribution in the bomb bay, the total weight of the bomb load, the all up weight of the aircraft, height of the bombing, forecast winds and heading and target indicator colours.
Aircraft code 'G'.
On the reverse are…

List of pupils and times for oral exam on 30 June 1943 and 1 July 1943. Some names underlined. Sgt B Soltysiak was at 15.40 on 30 June.


Provides a scenario timeline for problem solving. What would you do?


Organisational diagram showing key staff personnel and responsibilities. Headed by air commodore director of aircraft safety.

The notes indicate the bomb distribution in the bomb bay, aircraft code 'H', the total weight of the bomb load, the all up weight of the aircraft, height of the bombing and heading and target indicator colours.
Also aircraft call sign and radio code…

Instructions for preparation of an aircraft recognition lecture to the air gunners instructors course. Lists the aircraft to be covered.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are…

11 hockey players arranged in two rows. The middle, seated man is holding a cup. On the reverse 'RAF (Egypt) 5 - Army (Egypt) 1'.
Underneath each man is named, including HW Bennett.

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Explains might of allied air fleets unleashed for final battles of Havre, the channel ports and the Siegfried line. Bomber command Lancasters dropped over 1000 tons of bombs on Le Havre. German commander rejected surrender ultimatum.

Article includes target photograph of dock area with smoke and explanatory text - Round the area of the Bassin du Commerce at Le Havre, explains level of damage assessed.

RAF Form 2520 issued to Tommy Birch

A summary of all major matches in Stalag IVB
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