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A collection of 21 photographs individually described in Album 3 Denmark

A man wearing overcoat crouching down laying flowers on a grave. A man with flag stand on the right. They are surrounded by men and women watching. On the reverse 'A Ball UC France'.

Grave of Captain Albert Ball VC DSO MC in cemetery surrounded by other graves.

Top - RAF officer wearing uniform tunic and peaked cap standing saluting between rows of graves. Left middle - an RAF officer wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons standing between two ladies. Right middle - a man and a woman in…

A section with a header page, seven photographs and two letters.
The first page is the header which states 'The Crew'.
Photo 1 is a head and shoulders portrait of Hugh Jones, captioned 'Hugh Brenton Jones - Air Gunner'.
Photo 2 is a head and…

Covers introduction, definition, reporting of casualty, notification of next of kin, funerals, coroner's inquest, burial in the field and dispersal of effects. Followed by two appendixes, one with details of actions by effects officer. and the other…

A collage of three photographs and a cloth 434 squadron badge.
Photo 1 is the base of a memorial stone with a Canada sash and a floral bouquet.
Photo 2 is the cemetery where Hugh was buried, now a field.
Photo 3 is the memorial stone surrounded…

George's grave at St Leonhard's church

Mary describes the ceremony at the churchyard, attended by nearly 700 people including 300 children.

An envelope annotated 'dates 1945 & 1947 Letters 1 from Pilot 1 from Nuremberg / Pilot at the [indecipherable] that George's grave had been found. 1 of [indecipherable] when George's stone was blessed &; Holy Mass said'.

The letter describes contact Mary has made with the priest in charge of the cemetery where George is buried. She includes his address and states that she will try and visit the cemetery in the near future.

Item 1 is a photo of the inside of St Leonhard's church with an annotated cross indicating where George's grave is.
Item 2 is the crowded interior of the church, annotated '1958 by the Consecration our new church St Nikolaus with bishop Dr.…

The exterior of the church viewed from the graveyard. Five or six people are standing by a grave.

George's grave at St Leonhard's Church.

The priest from St Leonhard's church standing by George Warren's grave.

George's grave in Germany.

A postcard to Mrs E Warren from R [indecipherable]. A cross on the image indicates near where George is buried.

Showing top of grave cross for 1806333 Sgt H E W Simpson DFM RAF K/A 7 June 1944.

White cross with 1867875 Sgt A C Brett RAF 11.11.44.

Wooden cross in graveyard with other crosses and trees in the background. On the cross 'S Englische - Flieger Namen Unbekannt'.

Clara's grave festooned with flowers. Information supplied with the collection states 'Clara Thorpe (Diver)’s grave at Welling Kent. Died 2nd May 1951.'

13 photographs of Alec's grave in Belgium

13 photographs of Alec's grave in Belgium

Left side. Top - group of servicemen wearing greatcoats front group hats off carrying wreaths, rear group hats on. To the left grave crosses and in the background trees.
Bottom - close up of photograph above. Group of servicemen wearing greatcoats…

Left side. Titled 'South Africans at Szubin Oflag XXIB [..] 42, 43'. Nineteen men wearing a variety of uniform, five squatting down in front the others standing. In the background a single story brick building. Captioned 'Reg Allwoood (SR), Bush…
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