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Nose art on a Lancaster. There is a cartoon rabbit laughing and holding a glass of beer. It is sitting in a patch of grass and flowers. On the right are bombs representing 35 operations. On the reverse 'Presumably must be DV385'.

Left page.

Title 'June 50'.

Top left - Stephen and Joy Dawson sitting in a garden with baby Christine Dawson. Captioned 'Hesslemount'.

Middle top - a man and woman sitting in a garden with a baby between them.

Top right - a woman in…


Left page.

Top - two sequential images of Joy Dawson and a girl sitting on a rockery in a garden. Joy Dawson has a cat on her lap. In the left image the girl is reaching for the cat. Captioned 'curiosity nearly killed the cat'.

Bottom left - a…


A family group with twelve members and a rabbit. One man is in uniform. One boy has his arm in a sling.

Top left, a baby sitting on a checked rug in a garden,
Top centre, a woman lying back on a lawn with a baby on her lap and a dog on the right. In the background bushes.
Top right, a woman wearing a dark boiler suit standing in front of a double…


Flight Engineer magazine article describes role of flight engineer. Photograph of Kenneth Pope, in uniform with sergeants stripes and flight engineers brevet, crouching with dog outside a building.

Four airmen standing, two squatting and one kneeling. One with the spotted toy mascot. Behind is an aircraft. They are wearing Mae Wests and parachutes. Leonard Dorricott is standing on the left and Flight Lieutenant Strachan is standing on the…

Seven airmen in two rows. The front row is kneeling and four men at the back are standing. They are dressed in lifejackets and parachutes. Leonard Dorricott is first on the left. One man is kneeling and holding a spotted toy leopard. The pilot, Billy…

Group photograph of a football team on a grass field, with two servicemen among them. A white dog sits in front of the group, some buildings are visible in the distance. One figure, 6 or 9, is on the reverse.

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The four men are standing with the horse and cart. The others are inside the cart.


Left page.

Top left - a man wearing light jacket standing in a garden with a dog begging to the left. A woman's arm is visible on the right edge of the image. Captioned 'Susie, Dad and an arm'.

Top right - a man and a woman both wearing suits…


Top left, five geese in a field.
Top centre a dog sitting on a grass lawn with car in the background. Top right, a single story building in the distance with a car in front. Middle left, close up of five geese.
Middle centre, a dog standing on a…

A girl wearing white dress squatting down holding a cat. On the ground to the right. Another cat and a tree trunk. In the background a brick wall.


Greetings card addressed to Irene Green page with a silhouette of man on a camel. Greetings of the season H M Forces Middle East from Robert to the family. Annotated 'Good Health, Good Luck, To You All'.


Top is photograph of 13 ground crew and aircrew in two rows. Front row has five non commissioned officers and one officer in the centre sitting on a trolley. All apart from right hand man are aircrew. All are wearing tunic or battledress. At the…

Formal group photograph of personnel in front of a Hampden. They are arranged in three rows, some seated some standing. A dog is in the middle: a hangar, a gantry crane and sandbags are visible in the background.

Additional information about this…

Top - Thirteen aircrew in two rows wearing tunic or battledress. Five are sitting in front with a dog in the centre. David Donaldson is centre front and Reg Woolgar is standing fourth from the left on the back row. In the background trees. Bottom -…

Top six aircrew, three kneeling in front and three standing behind. David Donaldson is front centre holding onto a dog. Signatures on the bottom (A [..] Lauden front row left and A R Kendrick front row right). The dog's name 'Dusky' is written on…

Heinrich Stöppler's account of the events at Franzgraben 85 (Municipal Cleaning Department).

Top left, a woman on a horse silhouetted against the sky with trees and horizon in the background.
Top right, side view of a woman sitting on a horse with a fence, trees and substantial house in the background.
Bottom, a three quarter length…


Top left, a saddled horse standing on a driveway by a house wall with creeping ivy.
Top right, A saddled Horse standing on a driveway. To the right a car and part of a building with window.
Bottom, a saddled horse with a woman standing holding…


Top left, the forepart of a saddled horse standing in front of a house.
Top right, the forepart of a horse with a figure standing obscured behind it. In the background trees.
Bottom, a woman wearing a jacket leading two horses by the reins. In…


Top centre, a man wearing flat cap and jacket standing to the right in front of a horse to the left. Behind the man on the right, a wooden fence and a woods. Bottom centre, a group of horses with riders in the distance on a lane with trees either…


Left page.

Top left - A large white multistory building with road in front with parked bicycles and women walking. Top right - view from a window on road and sea beyond. Captioned 'the view'. Middle - Joy Dawson sitting at a bar. captioned 'the…


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