Air Gunners Qualifying Course No. 4 41 Air School



Air Gunners Qualifying Course No. 4 41 Air School


Group portrait of 42 airmen in three rows standing at ease. Those in the front row are sitting on a bench with arms crossed and two sitting on the ground; most are wearing khaki drill tunics, shirts and ties and shorts and most have khaki drill side caps but three sitting on the far left and three on the far right are in blue dress uniform, the latter three have white flashes on their caps. None wear brevets. In the centre of the front row sit three officers in South African Air Force uniforms with flying brevets and they are flanked each side by a man in non-British uniform; the central officer has a dog between his legs. The group is posed before the nose of a Hawker standing in the open doors of a hangar and inside on the right is a Tiger Moth.



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Captioned ‘Air Gunners Qualifying Course No. 4 41 Air School (10. 3. 41 to 3. 5. 41)’ [Air School crest] ‘S. A. Air Force East London’. ‘Back row: A/Gnrs: H. Elk J. P. Woodliffe E. G. Harris F. B. White V. Oswald G. Meyer L. G. Tancred G. N. Jonas E. M. Moys A. L. Tennant T. W. Timoney R. W. E. Kingwell P. E. Methven H. W. Pasmore. Middle row: A/Gnrs: L. P. Stewart R. L. Skyrme-Jones A. Friedman W. A. Woodward T. J. Hawkey B. W. Edmonson F. J. Reed H. T. Hall G. P. Rowe C. A. Ryan K. G. du Pre R. S. Daniels L. E. Starling M. R. Jack A. E. Cohen. Seated: A/Gnrs: K. D. Ferris A. P. Cullerne A. T. Laing A/Cpl Y. V. McLoed JAI Lt G. Frolich officer i/c course Lt-Col R. S. Brophy V. D. o/c station Capt D. W. Pidsley CAI A/Cpl G. S. van Aswegen JAI F. R. Iken D. A. Boldy F. C. Ethell . Front row: A/Gnrs: J. Kerbel P. H. Jonker. Signatures on the reverse, D. A. Boldy R. A. F is underlined top left.



“Air Gunners Qualifying Course No. 4 41 Air School,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024,

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