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Samual Guyan's last operation of his second tour, Lancaster NG236 to Huls.

A mix of air and ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. Additionally each man is named.

12 airmen arranged in two rows under an aircraft. They are a mixture of aircrew and ground crew.

Aircrew in uniform and flying kit standing in front of Lancaster LM296.

12 airmen arranged in two rows at the port side of the front of Lancaster 'A'. The nose has a painted lady in a long skirt and a bikini top. Annotated on the image is 'For Sqd/Leader Gilbert DFC. These old lags that did so much towards winning the…

A group of 12 airmen waving off Lancaster U. They have their backs to the camera. On the reverse 'F/O Roberts F/S Pidding F/S Smale F/S Briggs F/S Rosario. Sgt Bewon Sgt Davies being waved off by members of 576 Sqdn when taking off on 1000 bomber…

12 Lancasters from 35 Squadron flying over New York. North Brother Island and Rikers Island can be seen in the top left of the photograph.The aircraft are in the post-war black and white colour scheme.

The 14 men are arranged in two rows in front of an open hangar. Inside the hangar is a Lancaster.

First is photograph of woman holding a small dog, full length, wearing a striped dress, house wall with window in background, reverse is blank.
Second is postcard of interior of small church, captioned 'Interior of Loddiswell Church'. Reverse has…

A group of airmen arranged in front of a white painted Lancaster. They are in khaki and the caption reads Castel Benito which is now the international airport at Tripoli.

Photo 1 is a group of airmen arranged in front of a Lancaster, parked in a hangar.
Photo 2 is three white painted Lancasters in loose formation flying over clouds.

Two rows of air and ground crew. Behind is their Lancaster with the record of 25 operations.
On the reverse 'Dad'.

15 airmen and ground crew positioned in front of their Lancaster 'T'. Handwritten on the reverse is ' Air & Ground Crew of 'T' for Tommy. Aircraft and crew missing same night. The aircraft is painted with 29 operations and an animal on top of a bomb.

An air-to-air photograph of the starboard side of a Lancaster 'LS-M' from 15 Squadron. The wing and propellers of the other aircraft frame the image.

From information provided by the donor. Two photographs, first is of A Flight, second is of B Flight in March 1945 at R.A.F. Scampton. Peter is back row no 5 on B Flight photograph.

Aircrew from 156 Squadron in three rows in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'No 156 (Pathfinder) Squadron, RAF Wyton, Huntingdon, September 1945'

The 16 airmen are arranged in two rows at the tail of their Lancaster, GT-Q ND875.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form: no better quality copies are available.

A group of 16 air and ground crew arranged at the nose of a Lancaster.

Covers command structure on formation and names commanders. Mentions original multinational crews. Covers some details of operational record at RAF Kirmington. Concludes with move to RAF Scampton and formation of 153 Squadron.

Top is a photograph of 170 Squadron personnel with four rows in front of and a row standing on top of a Lancaster. Caption '170 Squadron Hemswell, December 1944'. In the middle, two newspaper cuttings announcing Jack Hayley's award of the…

18 RAF aircrew, submitted with caption; “207 Sqdn Flight Engineers section at Methwold. Feb.1946”

18 men arranged in two rows at the side of a Lancaster.

Four newspaper cuttings from 1944 describing four separate operations. Salzburg captioned 'Oct 17 1944', Essen captioned 'Oct 25th 1944', Dunkirk and Vienna captioned 'Nov 4th 1944' and Gelsenkirchen captioned 'Nov 6th 1944'.
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