153 Squadron crew list



153 Squadron crew list


153 Squadron A flight crew list as of 1st June 1945.



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[underlined]153 Squadron CREW LIST 1st June 1945[/underlined]
O.C. Squadron W/Cdr G.F. Rodney Pilot.
Squadron F/Eng Leader F/Lt P.D. Baxter F/Engineer.
Squadron Bomb Leader F/Lt R.F. Thompson Air Bomber.
Squadron Nav. Officer F/Lt J.A. Turner Navigator.
Squadron Sigs Leader F/Lt R.W. Stewart W/Operator.
Squadron Gunn Leader F/Lt J.T. Weaver Air Gunner.
[underlined]’A’ FLIGHT[/underlined]

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] S/L Flynn
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Lygo – Sgt Richins
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] Sgt Mayhew – Sgt Blackwood
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] F/L Pettitt – Sgt Miles

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/L Langford
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] Sgt Thomson – F/O Rea-Taylor
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O McDonald – F/S Jones T.
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Hallam – Sgt Hawkins

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Sharp
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] Sgt Broughton – F/O Andrews
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/L Morrison – F/S Calderbank
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Evans – Sgt Peacock

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Penman
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] Sgt Nicoll – F/O Downes
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Colman – F/S Brown
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] F/O Richardson – Sgt Pepper

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/L Kilnor
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Spinks – Sgt Bridger
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] Sgt Corcoran – Sgt Barker
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Mepstead – Sgt Pinkham

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/L Speed
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] P/O Whittingstall – F/O Meadows
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Bates (N.Z.) – P/O Hill
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Fowler – Sgt Mitchell

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Parker
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] P/O Taylor – F/O Howling
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Coxon – F/O Edwards
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] F/S Craig – F/S Lewington

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/S Birch
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Sutherland – F/O Taylor
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Batt – Sgt Smith
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt McKachnie – Sgt Simpson

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Heaton
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Evans – Sgt Kirkman
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] Sgt Farren – Sgt Owen
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Crossott – Sgt Gist

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Douglas
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Short – Sgt Watson
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/S Ward – Sgt McDougall
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Randall – Sgt Simmonds

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Conley
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] Sgt Ledsham – F/O Taylor
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/L Alexander – F/S Hauxwell
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Beswick – Sgt [indecipherable]

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/S Oldcorn
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Dickinson – Sgt Vaughan
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/S Melville – Sgt Davies
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Brady – Sgt Cowley

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined]P/O McClellan
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] Sgt Cracknell – Sgt Heathcote
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Johnson – F/S Emmott
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Moragran – Sgt Luke

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Brown
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Martin – F/O Hasdell
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/S Hollyer – Sgt Worston
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] Sgt Cooper – Sgt Francis

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Adams
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Brown – F/L Lake
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Sawyer – Sgt Winters
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] W/O Watt – F/S Braycott

[underlined]Pilot/Captain[/underlined] F/O Fawcett
[underlined]F/Engineer – Air Bomber[/underlined] F/S Pearce – F/O Pasley
[underlined]Navigator – W/Operator[/underlined] F/O Lindsay – F/O Edwards
[underlined]M/U/Gunner – Rear Gunner[/underlined] W/O Espley – W/O Shaughnessy


“153 Squadron crew list,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30247.

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