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Photograph of Ken with an unidentified individual, upper torso, leaning on a canon, other canon in background, Post it note 'Subject left ? Edinburgh'.

Eighteen individuals posed in three rows, 15 men most of them aircrew, two WAAF and one in civilian clothes. Captioned Elizabeth Patricia Simmonds - Hull front 2nd from right.

Note is to their son Iain suggesting that he might like to keep the recollections and reflections that she has produced.


These recollections and reflections were written by Patricia Hook, Ken's wife, who was a WAAF in the operations room at RAF Mepal. They are all very similar, concentrating primarily on the Stirling crash in December 1943, where Ken was the only…

A number of individuals eating at trestle tables, sitting on folding chairs in Nissan type building, stove in foreground. Notes refer to photograph, Richard Dimbleby photographs, subject leaning back at L.H. table.
Second is a photograph of a group…

Copy of the letter from the King which accompanied the medal when not presented by him.

Note concerning letters received by Ken following the crash from the mothers of his crew members.

Hand written note, 3 Group R.A.F. Waterbeach Base - (5 miles Cambridge). Satellites = Mepal - Nr Ely, Witchford - Nr Ely.

Hand written note on Sofitel Bangkok Silom headed paper, Ake Ake Kia Kaha, for ever and ever be strong.

Handwritten note, 'Daphne & Arthur Narracott lived Endleigh Court, a flat in central London (could be NW1) Whilst working he was the Foreign Correspondent for the Times newspaper (say in the 1930s time)'.

This occurred on 1 December 1943, Ken Hook was the only crew member to survive. Five small children were killed.

Two pages of handwritten notes, with sketch map discussing the reasons for 'Gardening' in the Baltic.

This was the aircraft that crashed on the 1 December 1943 where Ken Hook was the only surviving crew member.

Photographs of the five children and their gravestone

Colour photograph of Ken's mounted medals and the Gazette entry for the award of his DFM. Note the bar to his DFM.

These report the crash of the Stirling where Ken was the sole surviving crew member, and five children were killed, on the 1 December 1943.

First is photograph of woman holding a small dog, full length, wearing a striped dress, house wall with window in background, reverse is blank.
Second is postcard of interior of small church, captioned 'Interior of Loddiswell Church'. Reverse has…

A collection of photographs, first two of a group of nine NCOs standing at the end of their billet, one captioned 'Subject on the left'.
Second is of a number of individuals eating at folding tables, an identical photograph is captioned 'Richard…

Rough sketch map of High Cliff Farm.

Three copies of the same photograph,one has the reverse which has a copy of the citation for Ken's DFM. One has the captions, '74 Sq Mepal by Richard Dimbleby', 'Subject 7th from right'. photograph shows a number of aircrew in flying gear and with…

Records how Ken joined the RAF as an armourer and then remustering to air gunner, then flying with No 75 (NZ) Squadron on Stirlings.

Page lists six events, three Stirling, all crashes, three Lancasters damaged by anti-aircraft fire. The first on 1 December 1943, the last on 26 August 1944. This is not an exclusive list. The first on the list records Ken Hook's crash near…

K G Hook’s air gunner’s log book covering the period from 3 December 1954 to 1 June 1956.
Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air gunner. He was stationed at RAF Eastleigh(Nairobi) and RAF Upwood (49 Sqn) and RAF Shawbury…

K G Hook’s air gunner’s log book covering the period from 6 June 1943 to 30 November 1954. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air gunner. He was stationed at RAF Penrhos (9 OAFU); RAF Newmarket (1483 [Bombing] Gunnery Flight),…

Standard letter from the King regretting not being able to present the medal personally.
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