Ten photographs



Ten photographs


A collection of photographs, first two of a group of nine NCOs standing at the end of their billet, one captioned 'Subject on the left'.
Second is of a number of individuals eating at folding tables, an identical photograph is captioned 'Richard Dimbleby pic', 'Subject leaning back on left table.'
Next is a faded photograph of a mid-upper turret and gunner, captioned on reverse, 'Self Lincoln a/c B17 turret.'
Head and shoulders of a W.A.A.F, on reverse is caption 'Eliz, Patricia Hook.'
Two individuals standing by tail turret of a Lincoln, on the reverse a short shopping list.
Two related photographs, the first of a WAAF and a woman in civilian clothes standing in the doorway of a small church. The second shows the same two accompanied by a number of others all in uniform.
Two photographs showing Ken with his brothers, captioned 'Ken'[s brothers, all killed during the second world war. Subject is on the left.'




10 b/w photographs


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