Ken Hook's RAF service



Ken Hook's RAF service


Records how Ken joined the RAF as an armourer and then remustering to air gunner, then flying with No 75 (NZ) Squadron on Stirlings.




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KENNETH GORDON HOOK DFM – 20/05/23 – 20/11/89 (66½ YEARS)
RAF Service Record No: 1335989 Sergeant and No: 195765 Flight Lieutenant.
Kenneth Gordon Hook was born in Cranleigh, Surrey and died in Kingsbridge, South Devon.
In 1942 he enlisted in the RAF as an apprentice armourer. After qualifying he transferred to aircrew as an air gunner following a two month training course.
His two logbooks identify well over 75 operational missions, which qualify for three operational tours between 1943 and the end of the Second world War in 1945.
On one particular mission, laying mines off Denmark on the 1st December 1943, he was the mid upper gunner of Stirling EH 880 from No 75 Squadron based at RAF Mepal. At 22.40 hours having completed a successful operation flight, the aircraft was diverted to RAF Acklington in Northumberland, due to bad weather conditions. The aircraft was making it’s final approach having made a previous low circuit, undershot and then hit a farmhouse. Sadly the remainder of the crew and five children in the farmhouse were killed.
In 1944 he received the Distinguished Flying Medal the citation below come from the London Gazette dated 15th September 1944 third supplement dated Tuesday 19th September 1944.
“As an air gunner, Sergeant Hook has completed many operational sorties and has had at all times shown great determination to engage the enemy. This airman was involved in a serious air crash during December 1943, in which he was the sole survivor, he himself receiving very severe injuries. Despite this, since his recovery, he has displayed great eagerness to participate again in operations, which he commenced on the 13th February 1944. His courage and efficiency have been an example and inspiration to the remainder of 75 squadron.”
On his retirement from the RAF in 1977 his discharge papers reflect over 30 years of operational flying to peacetime activities and his role with the RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team. From an extract from these papers signed by the Group Commanding Officer it stated, “Kenneth Gordon Hook DFM was an outstanding leader and officer with an exemplary record and was of the finest airman to serve in the RAF Bomber command during World War Two.”



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