Covering letter for Ken's award of DFM



Covering letter for Ken's award of DFM


Standard letter from the King regretting not being able to present the medal personally.



Printed letter and typewritten page


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(470) [underlined] 1263001 Sergeant Edward Arthur PERCIVAL, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. No. 12 Squadron. [/underlined] (Air gunner; sorties 23; flying hours 139) Sergeant Percival has taken part in a number of long distance sorties against various targets in Germany. Though subjected to intense cold for long periods, he has always remained at this post with the utmost vigilance and devotion and has more than once saved his aircraft from possible destruction. On one flight, his aircraft was attacked five times by enemy fighters but Sergeant Percival gave skilful directions which enabled the pilot to evade damage and complete the mission successfully. He himself shot down one of the attacking aircraft.
(471) [underlined] 1335989 Sergeant Kenneth Gordon HOOK, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. No. 75 (N.Z.) Squadron. [/underlined] (Air gunner; sorties 15; flying hours 79). As an air gunner, Sergeant Hook has completed many operational sorties and has at all times shown great determination to engage the enemy. This airman was involved in a serious air crash during December, 1943, of which he was the sole survivor, he himself receiving very severe injuries. Despite this, since his recovery, he has displayed great eagerness to [circled again] participate [symbol] in operations. His courage and efficiency have been an example and inspiritaion [sic] to the remainder of the squadron.
(472) [underlined] 1432330 Flight Sergeant Robert Ashton SIMPKIN, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 76 Squadron. [/underlined] (Navigator; sorties 35; flying hours 192)
(473) [underlined] 1586495, Flight Sergeant Kenneth Edwin BOONE, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 207 Squadron. [/underlined] (Air gunner; sorties 35; flying hours 201) This air gunner has taken part in a large number of successful sorties against such heavily defended targets as Berlin, Stuttgart, Schweinfurt and Augsberg. On one occasion, when returning from an attack on Brunswick, his aircraft was attacked by 3 separate enemy fighters, the mid-upper gunner being killed. Flight Sergeant Boone engaged all three in turn and fought them off and it was largely through his efforts that his aircraft was able to return safely to base. He has, at all times displayed great keenness in his work and, by his unceasing vigilance in the air has [missing word] to be a most valuable member of [missing words]
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I greatly regret that I am unable to give you personally the award which you have so well earned.
I now send it to you with my congratulations and my best wishes for your future happiness.
George R.I.
Flying Officer Kenneth G. Hook, D.F.M.



“Covering letter for Ken's award of DFM,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 24, 2024,

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