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Relates events during operation to Essen on 12/13 March 1943. Enemy fighter attacked and was engaged and hit by rear gunner. Claimed as damaged. After releasing bombs in heavy anti-aircraft fire and searchlights rear gunner engaged Me 109. Gunner…

The writer regrets that he has no news of her son. There is uncertainty where he bailed out. He promises to write to the pilot who is ill after repatriation.

The letter explains the circumstances of the night Charles was shot down. Charles jumped out first and Brian next. Brian landed on land but there was no sign of Charles.

In his letter Charles apologises for not writing sooner, sends his regrets about bad news from a family member and his Dad's health. He hopes to see them soon.

He writes he has received his DFC and has been partying. He hopes to get some leave soon.

The letter regrets that Charles has lost his life after being posted missing.

A letter from the Price of Netherlands explaining gratitude for Operation Manna.

A poem about Manna food drops with a photo of Lancasters dropping food.

A report on RAF operations over France. The tank depot at Mailly was attacked as were railways, aircraft stores and an ammunition dump.

A report on raids on Stuttgart and Donges. On the reverse is other news.

A newspaper cutting with reports on USAAF and RAF operations. On the reverse is general news.

A newspaper cutting with news about operations over Germany. On the reverse is non-war related news.

A newspaper cutting dated Summer 1939 referring to air manoeuvres over SE England. Handwritten is an annotation 'I led this raid Bill'.

The letter informs Bill's wife that he has been killed in a mid-air collision near Finningley.

Bill writes to his sister about being captured and how he would send letters with coded messages. She would then have to get in touch with the Director of Information at the Air Ministry.

Ken apologises to his sister for not being able to attend her wedding. He sends wishes to her and Jimmy for their future happiness.

He apologises for hot having written sooner. Bessie, his sister, is about to get married and he is not happy about that. He describes a little about his training.

Ken apologises to his sister for not having written. He describes life where he is based.


Ken apologises to his sister for not having written. He explains a bit about his training to become an engineer. He hopes to fly Liberators when he finishes.

Press cutting, referring to a officer of 15 Squadron.

Three items, Edward's description of the mining operation off Cherbourg, they were the only aircraft operating from their base that night. Edward's navigation plot and a map of the Cherbourg area.

A press cutting captioned 'Retreat from the coast' taken in the summer of 1943 shows two coastal airfields Calaise/Marck and Abbeville/Drucat indicating that the Germans had started rendering their coastal airfields temporarily unserviceable.

Seven items, Edward's description of the operation, his navigation plot, a map of Berlin. Press clippings captioned 'Vast areas of Berlin are like this' shows an area of about 280 acres showing the large amount of bomb damage. There is another press…
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