Letter to Next of Kin of Sergeant DB George



Letter to Next of Kin of Sergeant DB George


The letter advises that Mr and Mrs C Huttjes have adopted David's grave in Venlo, Holland. The family has ordered flowers to be laid regularly.




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One handwritten sheet, typed envelope and photograph


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[postmark stamp]
To the next-of-kin of:
1796593 Sjt [sic] D.B.GEORGE R.A.F.
Buried: VENRAY-British Military Cemetery
Plot VII, Row B, Grave 4 (Holland)
Reply to: Mrs. C. Huttjes,
84, van Heutzstraat,
VENLO, Limburg,
I answered this letter
[page break]
Venlo, 9-11-48
We want to let you know, that we have adopted the grave of your beloved.
In the future my husband and I shall often go to the cemetry [sic] to pray for his soul.
Now we will feel like he is one of us and so he becomes very dear to us, as if he had been a brother of ourselves.
We have ordered the Netherlands War Graves Committee to lay flowers on his grave regularly.
Every time when it’s possible for us, we shall go there ourselves and lay flowers and look often his grave, for we live about 40 miles away from the village where the cemetry [sic] is laying.
We will remind him every day in our prayers and we are very thankful, that in this way we can give thanks to one of them, who gave their lifes [sic], so that we could live.
If you will send us your home-adress [sic], we can courespond [sic] regularly with you and we shall be able to send you pictures of his grave.
I will draw to a close and remain
yours faithfully
Mrs. C. Huttjes
V. Heutzstraat. 84.
Venlo (h)
The Netherlands


Mrs C Huttjes, “Letter to Next of Kin of Sergeant DB George,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/41031.

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