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A head and shoulders portrait of Józef in a card mount. One annotation is in Polish and is dated 25.3.1943 and a second is in English and is dedicated to Reg and Ella, dated 10.3.1942.


'I never left home', a quote about navigators.

A report of Tommie's visit to Pinewood where he had trained in film making before joining the Royal Air Force.

Two views of Chicago. Alan has written a short message to his parents.

48 airmen in four rows in front of a building. On the reverse their names. Eric Sinclair is far right on the front row.


A list of the crew of three aircraft with results of a bombing exercise.
On the reverse is a quotation from Madame Bovary.

25 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has had his name added.

Certificate for an operation to Modane showing a Lancaster with the names of Sergeant Woolley's crew and signed by Ralph Cochrane, AOC 5 Group.

Medal set belonging to Harry Dawson (178722 Royal Air Force). 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, and War Medal 1939-1945. Includes his identity tags and a letter about the loss of Wellington Z9106.

A group of 90 men in uniform arranged in five rows. Twenty men sit with their arms and ankles crossed. A further 21 are in the next row. A further 21 stand behind with the remaining 8 at the back. The group are on grass in front of a single storey…


A report of the assistance James gave to a fellow crew member leading to his being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during his first operation. Annotated '1944'.

Details of James assisting his crew mate whose oxygen tube had become detached and being frostbitten in the process. For these actions, on his first operation, James was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Annotated '1944'.

Detailed instructions provided to captains and flight engineers with hand written notes and underlining.

A newspaper cutting about George Robinson being reported missing. It briefly describes the circumstances and gives some details about his late father, his recent marriage and his education.

A formal photograph of 50 airmen in uniform, taken outside, against the side of a building. The men are in four rows and Benjamin Ramsden is in the front row, fourth from the left. Most of the men have a white training flash on their field service…

A document sent by Channel 4 after a request from Marie Laydon. The document quotes Hamish Mahaddie's comments on bombing during the war.

Eight WAAFs arranged in two rows.
Each woman is named in a handwritten caption. 'Phyllis Cadman/Hosier on sick leave'.

A poem about death.

15 airmen arranged in three rows.
On the reverse each man has signed his name and hometown.
Also '26/8/41 74 E1 A. Dirkin'.

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Reporting on the loss of 5 Lancasters following an attack on Koenigsberg which was Jack's first bombing operation.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Reports relating to Derek Carrott.
Left: Annotated '29-7-44' a report of a 2,000 plus bomber raids on Stuttgart, Bremen, the Luena factory at Meresburg, Juvincourt airfield and Laon-Couvron air base, Frankfurt am Main, Ploiești, Sarajevo and…

Instructions on how rooms are to be maintained.
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