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Occasional daily inputs. Mentions going to Lords (initial aircrew) in July, Leuchars for training in late July then back to London. Mentions some flying experiences in November.

Starts with account of movements in RAF for 1941. Continues lwith entries for daily activities. Embarks Greenock, Leaves Milford Haven on 8 January for voyage across Atlantic and describes voyage to Canada. Arrives Moncton 20 January describes daily…

Writes that he was still OK. Describes operation to Essen on previous night. Mentions a little about life on camp. Comments that they had many new crews and he did not know half the squadron. Mentions another crew took their aircraft to Hamburg so it…

Writes that he had been busy, operation to Berlin previous night. Describes life in the officers' mess. Mentions that Tom says he will come to Leeds and act as groomsman.

Catches up with friends/family news. Mentions he would be home in March. Compares British and Italian work rates on snow clearing. Continues with family gossip,

Reports he arrived back safely. Comments that he was now one trip behind his crew. Catches up with family gossip.

Reports that he arrived back safely and that he had had a good leave. Catches up with family news and gossip.

Writes about operations to Essen, Hamburg, Milan and Nuremburg. Gives detailed account of operation to Milan. Catches up with news and gossip from home and comments on weather. Writes concerning a colleague who he thought was starting his second…

Writes that he did not have too bad a trip recently despite poor weather. Mentions that their new aircraft was quite good and now had new same nose art as previously. Catches up with news of friends/family. Mentions a friend who had gone missing on…

Gives some comments on recent operation. Asks if they liked photograph he sent. Writes of thinking of birthday while over target and catches up with family news.

Writes about t he camp he was now located at. Gives detailed description of accommodation daily activities. Comments on his easy new job which suits him and means leave should not be hard to get. Mentions plans for leave and restriction on travel.

Writes about recent Christmas and says a little about life and training work on his camp. Listens to aircraft taking off and comments that unlike operations crews usually come back. Asks for news of friend. Comments that recent news was good and…

Writes that he is back in England after five days in Ireland. Thanks them for book and catches up with family news. Mentions war news and talk of invasion but presumes it would not be before he stared his second tour. Talks of American hospitality on…

Writes that he has tonsillitis but is getting treatment. Mentions war situation in Egypt and that he might be sent there for operations. Comments on training they were getting with lectures and shooting with various weapons. Catches up with…


Catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions recent Christmas and speculates a little on war progress. Writes a little about astronomy to his father and stellar movement. Mentions he would be home later in the month. Comments on weather and…

Writes that he was unable to arrange to spend her 21st birthday with her.

Describe his life and activities while in London as u/t pilot. Comments on photograph she sent, an upcoming event and visit to a fortune teller. Catches up with news of friends and says photographs are on their way. Continues on with loving…

Mentions he recently sent a telegram and it would not be long before he saw them as he had seven days leave coming. Asks for news of friends and asks about food shortages at home. Mentions items he had brought back. Explains what he is doing and his…

Writes that he had arrived after an uneventful voyage across the Atlantic but did not know the name of port at which he disembarked. Comments about the voyage and his current situation, including sleeping arrangements, food, activities, weather and…

Mentions travel by rail to Moncton and comments on cold weather. Writes of his activities, food available and local shops. Goes on to describe onward train journey to the United States including food, countryside, weather and stops. Arrived at Turner…

Writes of life at Turner Field, Georgia, including food, putting on weight, weather, pay, the hospitality and American people, local churches, American cars and on base activities. Continues with description of visits to local town. Expecting to be…

Writes that his course is getting harder but he was keeping up. Says a little about flying and replies to and actions requests in their letters he recently received. Continues catching up with family gossip and news. Speculates about farming in the…

Writes that he had finished the course and should be on his way home soon. Catches up with recent mail from home. Says he will try and get bananas to bring home. Mentions gifts for family that he has obtained to bring home. Catches up with news of…

Complains about lack of action at his new station. Catches up with family news and mentions sending photographs of crew on return from Tirpitz operation to his wife. Writes about son Derek. Mentions getting second class navigator certificate.

Comments that Christmas was over and weather had precluded operations. Writes about Christmas meal and other activities. Mentions boxing day activities. Continues with comment planned dining in night to say farewell to Wing Commander Tait. Catches up…
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