Letter from Kenneth Gill to his parents



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his parents


Comments that Christmas was over and weather had precluded operations. Writes about Christmas meal and other activities. Mentions boxing day activities. Continues with comment planned dining in night to say farewell to Wing Commander Tait. Catches up with news of family and friends.




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Four page handwritten letter


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DEC. 27TH./44.


Dear mum & dad,

Here's a few lines to let you know I'm quite O.K. and looking after myself.

Well Xmas is over once more and it's back to work again I reckon; the fog kept us grounded or else we'd have been out giving the army a hand instead of eating our heads off.

We had our mess party on Xmas Eve and polished off a dozen turkeys, twenty ducks, six hams and loads of vegetables, sweets, jellies, custards, trifles & nuts; I think everybody had a real good time; there was plenty for all.

On Xmas Day I cycled over to Bardney and had a grand dinner with the Scotts.

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arriving back at Woodhall in time to join a party at the local hotel and then finished off with a private house-party at one of our union members' flat. I got to bed at 1 o'clock which wasn't bad considering.

Boxing Day we spent in leisure, the fog keeping us down again; I read a book in the afternoon and evening and then wrote to Vera.

Today the fog has kept us down again though only just, so we slept this afternoon, then played Monopoly this evening and now I'm finishing off with a letter or two.

Tomorrow we're having a "dining-in" night

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to say cheerio to Wing Co. Tait and hello to his successor whoever he is.

Well and what sort of Xmas have you had? very quiet I expect, still they say next year will be better for everybody, I certainly hope so.

Glad to hear David has taken an interest in the cinematograph, we used to have grand fun with it in the room at 6, Arthur St., what size film does it take do you remember? then I can keep my eyes open though I think it will be all gone now that the talkie sets have come into vogue.

So Arthur is going through the mill too is he with P.T. at 6.30 a.m. and an

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old Seaforth Highlander to look after them. The pipe Les sent arrived O.K. though the wool must have bound up again. I didn't see the piece that looked like smoke, it was a good thought though

Thanks for the razor strop dad it will come in useful and save blades.

Hope you and mum are feeling a lot better now and looking after yourselves. I don't know what we'll have to do with you.

Wonder how Les got on with his solo on the Jew's Harp, I'll bet he's a scream.

Well that seems all for now so I'll close and retire to bed.

Goodnight & God Bless.
Your Loving Son
Ken [kisses]
David. [kisses]



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