Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family


Writes that he is back in England after five days in Ireland. Thanks them for book and catches up with family news. Mentions war news and talk of invasion but presumes it would not be before he stared his second tour. Talks of American hospitality on recent stay in Ireland over new year. Writes that he had been working hard since his return.




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JAN. 6TH/44.

Dear all,

Hello again, I'm in England again now after five days in Ireland under the shelter of the Mountains of Mourne.

Thanks for the parcel of books they'll come in handy for light reading.

Vera should have been down to see you by now, she said she would come down on Monday some time.

You certainly had a good start for Xmas meeting Gladys at that time I don't think she'd have enjoyed the walk at that hour on her own.

Hope the duck tasted nice, it should have coming all that way.

Hope your New Year turned out as well as Xmas did for you; next year

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we'll all be home I hope if the lads keep on like they are doing.

It does seem [indecipherable word/s] though the way they're shouting about the proposed invasion, they'd change their tune if they knew they were going to have to take an active part in it.

I don't suppose they'll start the big show until I'm ready for my second tour but I'd just as soon join in the fun as sit back and watch.

Well I suppose I should tell you about my latest adventure, but I can only say as yet that we enjoyed our stay and the hospitality shown us by the Americans was really grand. We arrived at Greencastle, County Down on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, and couldn't take off again as the aircraft was unserviceable.

It's an American 'drome and they

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were pleased to see us as most of them had just come over from the States. They were having a party in the mess that night and insisted that we came, so we spent a very pleasant New Year as you might imagine. The rest of our stay was just idle luxury, the food was grand, and we had transport to take us where we wished. When we got back that all changed, and I've done nothing but work and fly since.

They've just sent for me now to go up on a detail with a crew so I'll have to close and I'll write again as soon as I can.

Cheerio for now, Chins up.
Your Loving Son.
Ken. [kisses]



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