Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family


Catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions recent Christmas and speculates a little on war progress. Writes a little about astronomy to his father and stellar movement. Mentions he would be home later in the month. Comments on weather and concludes with more gossip.




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Seven page handwritten letter


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JAN. 12TH./44.

Dear all,

Thanks for your letter and for Ron's too, he seems to be fairly comfortable in Italy judging by his remarks in regard to food anyway, let's hope he doesn't have to see many more worse places, it's about time it finished now I'm sure we're all getting rather brassed with it.

So Connie has tried the Irish Climate has she, hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

The Mountains of Mourne are a very pretty sight especially when the Sun is shining on them; but I'm afraid my opinion of them is rather biased they came a little too near

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to ending my days for my liking and I can't say really whether they're worth writing a song about or a dirge. Sorry I sound most awfully 'mournful' don't I.

I'm afraid mum is trying to find faults again, bless her, I didn't mention the socks as they'd come from Eva and Margaret, I said thanks for the papers because they'd come from you, I took it for granted you'd know I'd be glad you'd sent the socks.

Sorry and all that I'll not forget next time mum.

Glad Ron had a good time at Xmas, it's funny how most people do manage to feel extra cheery at least once a year and to say it's our fifth war Christmas we're not so badly off as lots of folks are in occupied countries etc.

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As you say dad there's old [indecipherable word] to finish off when Jerry's had his time but it won't [indecipherable word] very long to deal with him, unless I'm much mistaken.

You ask about the plough moving dad, well it does though the [underlined] actual [/underlined] movement of the stars in the plough is only apparent through a considerable number of years.

The apparent movement you've noticed is caused by the earth's tilt from the vertical, an angle of 22 1/2° degrees and the rotation of the earth round it's spinning axis. It sounds complicated I know but get a gyroscope (David has one somewhere) and imagine that when it is going, to be the earth as it spins round on it's axis; now as it slows down a little it revolves

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around the vertical doesn't it, well imagine yourself to be stood about a third of the way down the outer gymbal, as it goes round you'd get a different view of anything that was say marked on the ceiling wouldn't you, or don't you get it. Anyway dad I'll try and bring some kit home to show you more clearly if you're interested really. I forgot to tell you at the start of my letter but I should be home on the 17th or 18th for seven days so we'll have an hour on ‘astro’ ok!

We've had some snow down here too lately, yesterday we had quite a bit but it's gone now.

I've not heard from Les for ages, but I suppose I should write oftener myself.

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Who is he making doll’s for, some hospital or other?!!

Glad to hear Vera has been down home, her mother says she's looking better now than she has for years, she ought to though, she's happy, and hasn't a lot to do really and plenty of time to do it in.

Tell David that according to my bank and the money they're paying me I am a Flying Officer now; but that owing to the delay in the R.A.F. Orderly Rooms etc. no notice to the effect of my promotion has been published and until it is I can't change my rank on my uniform or papers etc. I would have been able to at Bardney but with changing stations it's held things up a bit, though it should be through before very long.

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I can't think of any more to say just now so I'll close.

Good-night and God Bless.

Your Loving Son.
Ken. [kisses]
[kisses] David.

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6/ [[underlined] P.T.O [/underlined]]

[diagram showing Pole Star and Earth's rotation round it's axis W to E

Earth's rotation already spinning on it's axis turning once a year round the vertical. So that a person at X in say June would be at Y in December so that the 'plough' would appear in a different spot.



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