Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family



Letter from Kenneth Gill to his family


Writes about operations to Essen, Hamburg, Milan and Nuremburg. Gives detailed account of operation to Milan. Catches up with news and gossip from home and comments on weather. Writes concerning a colleague who he thought was starting his second tour.




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Three page handwritten letter


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1438901. SGT. Gill. K.
AUG. 12TH/43.

Dear all,

Thanks for your letter, I didn't reply yesterday as I was pretty busy.

I'm still keeping well and looking after myself.

As you say dad quite a few things have happened in the last two weeks; we went to Essen the day after we came back; the skipper took another crew to Hamburg on the Monday, we went to Milan on Saturday, and to Luxemburg on Tuesday night, so you can see we've been pretty busy. The trip to Milan was the longest but we enjoyed it the most.

We were a little early on the way out, so we took time out to have a look at Turin before going on to Milan to drop our load. It was really funny, we just stooged round and round, and the flak and searchlights seemed to swing away

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from us all the time. When we did get to Milan we were the first aircraft there, so we started the attack by flattening the main railway-station which we could pick out quite clearly by the light of the moon.

The searchlights & flak were ineffective so we stooged round and round watching the raid develop; when we left, the place was burning very well and we could still see the fires as we climbed up over the Alps again and started our journey home.

Glad to hear Albert has been home again, it's a funny thing, I wrote him on Sunday night and asked him if he'd brought his young lady to see you yet.

It seems as if there's little chance of a shuttle service now, so I guess Ron will have to wait until his parcels arrive; but if I do go I'll not forget his soap. don't worry. I had an A.G. from him last week and he seemed his cheery self again, but wishes he

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was back home again.

Hope Les manages to get home, I don't know whether I'll be able to or not but I'll ask.

The weather doesn't seem to be so good up home; down here we had a grand week for the August holiday, in fact it got too hot several times.

Well I can't think of any more to tell you for now.

Has Jack Kellett started his "second-tour" now? I wonder!!?

A crew came here from the same conversion unit as him, & the pilot F/O. James was with us in Canada & the States, and he says Jack had just been posted to a squadron to start doing some operations. I can't understand blokes "shooting a line" to that extent; we usually find they don't last very long, though I hope it won't be that in his case.

I shouldn't say anything to Gladys though dad; she'll find out some time or other.

That's all for now; Cheerio & Chins Up.

Your Loving Son.

Ken. xxxxx David. xxxxx



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