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The letter is a calculation of money owed to Catherine.

The letter confirms that her husband is considered to have died on 8th May.

The letter proposes that Arnold is presumed dead.

The letter advises that there has been no news about her husbands disappearance. Because of the lapse of time the writer suggest that he has lost his life.

The first letter refers to changes in money paid to his wife.
The second letter advises that their has been no news about her husband.

The letter advises that her husband is missing but explains he could be a prisoner of war.

A poem written about B Flight and set out in the form of a scroll.

He thanks her for her letter. Molly, his wife, has just left Shanghai. She is expected to return with Buster, their son. He has sent her a banknote to spend on chocolates.

The letter advises that her husband is now considered to have lost his life.

The letter expresses sadness that her husband is missing.

The letter expresses regret that her husband was shot down and is missing.

An account of operations at the time Arnold took over as Flight Commander. He describes the operation when Arnold Christian was lost.

The letter has at the top been annotated 'A's last letter'. He writes that it is a sort of holiday since he has a lot of freedom, in the north of Scotland.
A note attached to the letter states that he was lost in action 48 hours later.

A group of six airmen studying a map. Behind is a biplane. Four airmen are wearing leather helmets and two are in standard uniform. On the reverse is handwritten 'Arnold Hornchurch 1934' and typewritten a press release.

A biography of Vincent, Arnold's father.

A biography of the Christian family written by Arnold's grandson. There appears to be a connection to France, perhaps to Italian and French royalty. Later research suggested a Swiss connection but after research the Italian and French links were…

A poem by Omar Khayyam with a cartoon of a glamourous woman and an airman in the style of Percy Prune. The airman is sitting on a chair, smoking a pipe, beer glass in hand, feet on desk with a ringing phone.
On the reverse are about 22 handwritten…

The story of how aircrew were supplied with clothing and material to help them escape and evade capture. It is written by the major that designed the items.

The pilot who was credited with shooting down Reg Wilson's Halifax.

A cutting from a newspaper with Reg and John Bushell's names recorded as prisoner of war. Handwritten on it is Evening Standard 12.4.44.

A list of the other six members of Reg's crew...Harvey, Laurie Underwood, Jack McArdle, Bill Ross, John Bushell and Alec McCarroll.

Reg writes that he has only had one letter and no recent news from home. The weather has not been good. He looks forward to going home.

Reg writes that he has no mail nor does he expect any. Weather is improving. He is reading a lot.
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