Nolan, Frank. Work folder


Nolan, Frank. Work folder


Twenty eight items. Folder containing work related correspondence and ministry of aircraft manufacture, aeronautical inspection directorate process reports.




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Nolan, JF

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Letter to Frank Nolan from T G Green, A.I.D office A V Roe
Writes that he agrees that Nolan should have preferential treatment regarding retention as he was an ex-servicemen. He would pass letter to "powers that be".

Letter from Frank Nolan to T G Green, A.I.D Office at A V Roe
Argues that his seniority for redundancy should be dated back to 3 September 1939 (not 9 March 1942) as he served earlier during the war and war in receipt of disability pension.

Letter to Frank Nolan from the ministry of aircraft production
Notifies him that he is moved on long term detachment to A V Roe at Chadderton. Covers some financial issues and action he needs to take if he was registered under national services (armed forces) act.

Handwritten note
Mentions spot check on No 4 tank. Process satisfactory.

Application for leave
Blank form for leave from Aeronautical Inspection Department at Vickers Armstrong, Squires Gate.

Process check on riveting to instruction A.24 and M.426
No changes to report and mentions checks done.

Process check on electrical installation to D.T.D 1029 and inspection instruction A.19
Covers installation of cables, identification of cables, continuity tests, insulation and resistance, bonding and bench work.

Process check on other protective treatments to specification D.T.D 209A
Covers cleaning, drying, components and remarks.

Bonded quarantined stores to instruction A.33 and M,412
Covers stores, batching, material identification and remarks.

Process check on screwed work to inspection instruction A.9
Comments on inspection when little screwed work done.

Process check on protective treatment to D..D 902A
Covers cleaning, drying, components and markings and remarks.

Process check on assemblies and subassemblies
States that assemblies and subassemblies from Lancaster and Hampden that were repaired or salvaged. Comments on repairs and process.

Process check on segregation of scrap
Covers system, condition of bins, steel, collection, sacking and labelling and remarks.

Letter to Frank Nolan from the ministry of aircraft production
Notifies him of upgrading to examiner and that he will be stationed at L.M.S Rly Co Derby. Covers some financial and domestic issues.

Letter to Inspector in charge at L.M.S. Derby from the ministry of aircraft production
Sates that J F Nolan has been accorded household status and asks that he instructs Nolan to claim lodging allowance with effect from 7th September 1942.

Process check on bonded stores to inspection instructions A.33 and M.412, Y and YH Stores
Covers quarantine stores, raw material stores, finished parts stores and remarks.

Process check on anodic oxidation to D.T.D 910A
Covers preparation, electrolyte, cleaning after treatment and tests.

Process check on heat treatment to inspection instructions
Covers cleaning prior to treatment, treatment, quenching, tests and heat treatment of steel to inspection instruction M.407.

Process check on electrical installation to D.T.D. 1029 -I.I.
Covers installation of cables, approved solder, insulation resistance, identification of cables ands bonding.

Letter to Frank Nolan from the ministry of aircraft production
Notifies him of temporary attachment for further training to the L.M.S Railway Company in Derby.

Letter to Frank Nolan from the ministry of aircraft production
Notification of attachment to course number 80 commencing 9 June 1942 at A.I.D training school, Bristol. Includes reporting instruction.

Letter to Frank Nolan from the Ministry of Aircraft Production
Notifies him of move for training to Aeronautical Inspection Directorate school in Bristol. Continues with description of training, comments on possible future employment once he passes training, domestic arrangements and reporting instructions.

Signed official secrets act form
Ministry of aircraft production official secrets act document signed by Frank Nolan while assistant examiner at Aeronautical Inspection Directorate at Liverpool.
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