Process check on protective treatment to LTD 902A, Y shed



Process check on protective treatment to LTD 902A, Y shed


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[underlined] Process Check on Protective Treatments to DTD 902A. [/underlined]
[underlined] Y Shed. [/underlined] [underlined] 23rd September, 1942. [/underlined]

[underlined]All Details. [/underlined]

Cleaned with thinners or pure turpentine when available.

Sprayed with one coat of “Sobac” P.O.V., to Spec. DTD. 260A. Returned as sub assemblies after work on benches for a second coat.

Details and sub-assemblies are well spaced in the racks for [deleted] cleaning [/deleted] [/inserted] DRYING [/inserted], before return to stores.

[underlined] Skins. [/underlined]

To scheme DTD. 83A, by which skins are degreased for 3 minutes, and then immersed for 20 minutes at 42°C or 15 minutes at 45°C in a pickling bath composed of 15% Sulphuric Acid, 5% Chromic Acid and 80% water.

They are afterwards washed in cold then boiling water and dried.

Temperature and spec. gravity of pickling bath are checked three times per week. Records of same are not kept, but a sample is taken and a chemist analysis report is obtained every fortnight, the last one was dated 15/9/42.

Skins are then sprayed with one coat of Cellulose primer to DTD. 308. This must be, and is done, within one hour after cleaning.

Bend test specimens are sprayed, dried and bent round a 1” diameter bar without showing signs of cracking or flaking, approx. once per week. All baths are in a very clean condition.

Process as viewed is considered satisfactory

J.F. Nolan


J F Nolan, “Process check on protective treatment to LTD 902A, Y shed,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024,

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