Process check on segregation of scrap



Process check on segregation of scrap


Covers system, condition of bins, steel, collection, sacking and labelling and remarks.




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[Inserted] AP.1455 Leof.O. MAT2. [/inserted]

[Underlined] Process check on Segregation of Scrap…B Shop…16. 2. 43. [/underlined]

[Underlined] System. [/underlined]
Is as laid down in Letter of Direction B.137766/40/P.S.10 and consists of clearly marked bins, having a distinctive colour for each group or form of scrap. Same are conveniently placed near benches, machines, etc. so that there is little danger of identification becoming lost.

[Underlined] Condition of Bins. [/underlined]
Three differently coloured bins are necessary in this shop for Aluminium and its Alloys, and are as follows:-

[Underlined] Group 1 [/underlined] (Red) Sheet Cuttings, Tubes and Wire. L.4, T.9, and L.17.
[Underlined] Group 2 [/underlined] (Blue) Sheet Cuttings, Tubes and Wire. L.1, L.3, L.39, T.4, DTD390
[Underlined] Group 4A [/underlined] (Brown) Bar ends, L.40, L.45, and D.T.D.364.

There is also a bin for Copper (Green) and one for Steel (Black).

All bins have recently been repainted and increased in numbers, and are in good clean condition. generally, although a certain amount of foreign matter, e.g. cigarette packets etc. was noticed in the bins. This is regarded as unavoidable. Material in the bins was, as far as could be ascertained without tests, correctly segregated.

[Underlined] Collection. [/underlined]
It is only necessary for collections to be made once or twice weekly, this being done regularly. Scrap is retained in their respective bins during transit to ‘Y’ Shed, where it is dumped into marked bunkers.

[Underlined] Sacking and Labelling. [/underlined]
is carried out at ‘Y’ Shed after which it is stamped by a W.I.D. Inspector and stored under tarpaulins to await collection.

[Underlined] Remarks. [/underlined]
It was noticed that painted and unpainted material is placed in the same bin, this is contrary to the Letter of Direction, but it is considered that there is insufficient material to warrant separate bins for painted and unpainted scrap.

Process as viewed is considered satisfactory.

J. F. Nolan


J F Nolan, “Process check on segregation of scrap,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 5, 2024,

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