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Top left: Elephant with tusks grazing under a tree. On reverse, 'made in India'.
Top right: Goats. On reverse' 'goats at play'.
Centre: Herdsman and boy grazing goats on hillside.
Bottom right: Srirangapatna Fort. On reverse, 'Fort gate to Sri…


Top left: Man in a turban with a dressed monkey on a lead. On reverse, 'monkey man'.
Top right: man holding a metal tea urn and bucket. On reverse, 'char sahib'.
Centre: Man squatting by roadside having a drink. On reverse, 'lets have a…

Top left: Man collecting water with bullocks on a hillside. On reverse, 'getting water'.
Centre: Girl holding a baby on her hip in a field. Captioned 'What have you there son?'. On reverse, 'where is pop?'.

Top left: Boy selling fruit with a stall of photographs. On reverse, 'oranges or picture sahib?'.
Top right: Open air laundry. On reverse: 'Dhobie Ghat'.
Centre: Women and girls collecting water from a railway tender.
Bottom left: Women at a…

Top left: Steam train on bridge crossing over a road.
Top right: Hay cart pulled by two bullocks.
Centre: Two sailing boats moored on a beach.
Bottom left: Wheeled carts with a bullock.
Bottom right: Hay cart with driver, pulled by a bullock.


Top left: Commercial street scene.
Top right: Commercial street scene with trees.
Centre: Russell Market, Bangalore.
Bottom left: Rickshaws with drivers under a shady tree.
Bottom right: Commercial street scene. On reverse, 'Market Square…

Top left: Cinema. On reverse, 'Imperial talkies Bangalore'.
Top right: St. Mary's Basilica, Bangalore.
Centre: Commercial street scene. On reverse, 'Market Square Bangalore'.
Bottom left: Street scene with church with twin spires. On reverse,…

Top left: Victory Chinese Restaurant.
Top right: Cinema. On reverse 'opera talkies Brigade Road Bangalore'.
Centre: St. Andrew's Church. On reverse, 'St Andrew's Church Bangalore'.
Bottom left: St. Mary's Basilica, Bangalore
Bottom right: Street…

Top left: Commercial street scene with pedestrians.
Top right: Shopping street. A sign reads "K. Syed & Co"
Centre left: BRV theatre Bangalore. A sign reads 'Gala Dance'.
Centre right: Oriental building, Bangalore.
Bottom left: Passenger…

Top right: River.
Centre: Cinema. On reverse: 'Plaza talkies South Parade Rd'.
Centre right: Passenger train on single track in lush vegetation.
Bottom left: Maharajah 'Krishnaraja wodeyar' Memorial in Mysore.
Bottom right: Mosque with two domed…

Top left: Air Booking Centre and Bank of Mysore. On reverse 'Bank of Mysore on South Parade'.
Top right: Town view, across an open space St. Mary's Church in Bangalore with further spires and domes and sparse vegetation. On reverse 'Distant view of…

Flat, open scrubland with a trackway leading to a low lying manmade structure.

An Indian man wearing work clothes standing outside a brick building with an arched colonnade. Further colonnaded brick buildings can be seen beyond.

Interior of a room with half glazed window and bedstead. There is a chest of drawers with a cloth covered table and upright chair alongside a stone mantlepiece. The table holds an ashtray and other small items. Clothes hang across the back of a…

A flat open space with mainly two storey buildings to two sides, with shady colonnades. Some trees and utility poles feature.

A passenger train numbered 4 in a station with a covered roof. A second track is alongside the platform on which a number of men in Indian dress stand. There are electric wires overhead and a number of buildings, mainly of five storeys, alongside.

Two men wearing swimming trunks sat on the wall of a a veranda surrounding a whitewashed building surrounded by sand. Both men have their arms crossed and are wearing watches.

Young Indian man standing in an open area. There are two storey brick buildings beyond with brick colonnade surrounding with chimneys.

A serviceman in uniform standing in a garden. A low rope fence surrounds a grassed area with flower beds and a garden seat. Flat roofed two storey, whitewashed building beyond with a utility pole.

A F Nye wearing khaki shorts and short sleeved, open necked shirt, in a garden. There are several circular flower beds edged with whitewashed stones. There is a road crossing the scene, beyond the garden, with a row of palm trees along it.

View inside a room with a curtain hanging across the half glass door; and electricity supply and plugs to one side. Clothes hang from a makeshift line along the wall behind the door. A high stone mantlepiece holds various bottles, tins and a free…

Inside a large, high ceilinged room with hanging globe lights and fans. A bar in the corner, with shelving behind, holds glasses and bottles. The room has an uncarpeted floor with comfortable low chairs, a side table and has potted palms.

Letter discussing his health and his relationship with Joyce.

Letter saying he has arrived safely but is not happy about the prospect of war.

Seven airmen standing in front of a Stirling. On the reverse their names and trades.
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