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A half length portrait of Frank wearing his air gunner brevet.
On the reverse 'Taken after passing out at Gunnery School Stormy Down June 43'.

Six airmen standing at the tail of their Lancaster after the Tirpitz operation.
On the reverse the six have signed their name and handwritten is 'Nov 44 On return from the "Tirpitz" raid'.

617 Squadron flying programme, 11 December 1944. It lists personnel and their assigned aircraft.

Leslie Manser's one day diary for 1940. Contains details about his life before he was accepted into the RAF and some details of his service life. Includes a blotter and news clipping.

A head and shoulders portrait of Geoff Dixon in sergeants uniform with pilots brevet. On the reverse 'Geoffrey Walter Dixon born 11.12.1922 died: 4.8.1974.'

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PGeorgeDB1710 copy.jpg
A medal awarded by the US Army to a marksman. Underneath are three bars for Pistol-D, Aerial Bomber and Aerial Gunner.

A colourised head and shoulders portrait of David, as a trainee.
A post-it has 'David Burrows George. KIA 22.1.45'.

24 airmen arranged in three rows. Behind is a wooden building. On the reverse each man, including David George, has signed his name.

A head and shoulders portrait of an airman.

Photograph of a large group of trainee officers. Eric Daniels is tenth from the left on the second row from the back. Eric was married to Anne, David's sister. Each officer is named in the caption underneath.

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A head and shoulders portrait of David as a trainee.

Three photographs of David's grave.
#1 is a general view of the cemetery where he rests.
#2 is a close up of his grave.
#3 is his cross with a woman tending to flowers.

A newspaper cutting with the news of George's presumed death.

A biography of David from his birth in Bangor, Northern Ireland. He died at the age of 21. A tribute was printed in The Spectator.

A King's Order for E Daniels, mentioned in despatches for distinguished service. E Daniels is George's brother in law.


The letter advises that Mr and Mrs C Huttjes have adopted David's grave in Venlo, Holland. The family has ordered flowers to be laid regularly.

He writes about her new baby girl. Davis has been posted to Scampton and has had several operations over Europe. His quarters and food are good. He talks about friends and asks her to write.

The letter explains the Society's activities, accounts, objects, committee members, awards, donations, financial statement, correspondence and creation of sub-branches.

The letter advises that Jack has arrived in a neutral country.
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