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Nine images of a bombed town.
Information supplied with the collection states -
Photo 1 Housing, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 2 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 3 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 4 Railway, Etampes 10/6/44
Photo 5 Eglise St Gilles…

From Mildred H Grundy writes pleased to receive his letter and notes that it was a long time in transit. Writes of her activities including fire watching and her job. Writes of putting clocks back and having to go to bed earlier. mentions Queen's…

From M H Grundy mentions that he had seen Douglas's family and told them that he had received mail from Douglas and allowed them to read them. Continues with news of blitz on Manchester and his going to cinema as first visit since the bombing. Asks…

An unused ration book for fuel.


Eight charts showing pre-war and 1943 values for consumption of butter, margarine, fresh meat, sugar, flour, potatoes, fruit and liquid milk.


Mentions consumption of various foodstuffs. Mentions expenditure on boots, shoes, clothing, hardware, furnishings , radios and other items. Covers travel and goods transport.


Covers shipping and imports


Notes 4.5 million houses out of 13 million damaged by bombing including those recently destroyed by flying bombs and rockets.

Statistics for females aged 14 to 59 by jobs. Concludes that three quarters of men and quarter of women are in the services, munitions or essential industries.


Two charts: the planes we made 1940 to 1943 and how you spent your money by items.


Mentions total strength of British Empire and Commonwealth forces in mid 1944. Lists munitions and ships produced as well as mentioning aircraft, tanks, artillery and other weapons. Mentions number of contracts, change from ground to air armament…


Writes to correct dates of termination of tenancy of their allotment. Explains arrangement she made with new tenant were misunderstood by him and what she intended to do now with her crops.


Hopes he is getting out and enjoying sunshine. Mentions she has sent him a parcel and continues with description of her activities in the garden. Reports a concert later in July and garden party next week. Hope to phone him that evening and mentions…

Don was brought up in Newcastle, where he worked for a number of years. He attended a meeting a year before the war began, about alternatives to war and that war didn’t have to be accepted as inevitable. Don joined a community which organised…

Lillian Grundy was born grew up in Ancoats, Manchester. Upon leaving school, she worked in a local mill winding bobbins, and the Hall Brothers Toffee Works wrapping sweets. Grundy met George in 1939 and they were engaged in Easter 1940, however, he…

She writes about the piano tuner turning up at the same time as the window cleaner. There have been 6 houses burgled recently in the area and she has recently seen Gone with the Wind, which she hopes they can see upon his return.

Writes of her recent activities including shopping and national gallery concert. Mentions present of home made butter, progress of baby daughter and gardening. mentions telephone delay and hopes he will get leave soon.

Reports his letters and money that have arrived. Mentions soap coupons and difficulties in finding anything to spend them on. Discusses fuel rationing and ordering coal. Mentions gardening and other domestic issues. Writes of visit to friend with…


Writes about putting up air raid shelter and how they will use it. Continues with news of daily activities and mentions putting advert in paper for daily help.

Writes that she has just seen film Target for Tonight which she found real and vivid. Mentions seeing a colleague of his in sergeants uniform and pilots wings. Talks of books and Christmas presents. Reports seeing newsreel of Churchill's meeting with…

Writes of daily domestic activities and visits from friends. Mentions financial arrangements with her sister and that she will be able to manage household on RAF money and other income. Catches up with family and baby news. Commiserates over his poor…

Pat Harrison was born in Lincoln and was the only girl of four children. Her father joined the Royal Air Force after serving as an air raid warden. Pat remembers the arrival of evacuees in Lincoln and also recalls occasions when bombing resulted in…

Chris Musial, German prisoner of war and Margaret Pridmore, riddling potatoes. Manor farm, Pilton, Rutland.

Newspaper cuttings. An appeal to help buy a Spitfire or a bandage or a gun by Patience Strong. On the other side news about Lord Nuffield donating £250,000 to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Seven caricature figures, five men and two women in a room. Three men are conversing on the left in front of fireplace. A woman sits reading a newspaper on a chair and another woman stands in front of her with paper in hand. On the right two men in…


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