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Five Group Newsletter, number 18, January 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about training, signals, gunnery, accidents, bombing, decorations, photography, engineering, armament, navigation, flying control,…

Five Group Newsletter, number 19, February 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about tactics, navigation, air bombing, gardening, sports, training, flying control, H2S, Gee, photography, honours and awards, signals…

Five Group Newsletter, number 29, December 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and articles on tactics, operations, gardening, signals, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, air bombing, engineering, training,…

Five Group Newsletter, number 21, April 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about process of servicing, gardening, navigation, honours and awards, signals / radar, tactics, air bombing, radar / navigation, link…

Photo 1 is a woman sitting with a long haired dog.
Photo 2 is a woman on a bicycle, her left hand on a wall.
Photo 3 is a man and a woman at the entrance to a house.
Photo 4 is the same man and a different woman at the same entrance to a…

A commemorative medal for airmen who served in Bomber Command. Both sides of the medal are shown together with a label describing the medal and giving address of the distributor.


Photo 1 is Poulton Hall, from the gardens.
Photo 2 is a Polish airman standing at the corner of a building.
Photo 3 is two Polish airmen leaning on each other in a garden.
Photo 4 is a woman sitting outside on a chair with two small dogs on her…

Photograph 1 is a woman holding a dog. She is standing in a garden.
Photograph 2 are a man and woman on their wedding day. He is wearing his airman's uniform with sergeant stripes. They are standing outside the church.
Photograph 3 is a young girl,…

#1 Ted Neale's account of a train trip in South Africa. Ted and his tall friend were attacked in Bloemfontein by a group of six locals.
#2 Designated pilots-navigators or bomb aimers at Heaton Park then sent to Bridgnorth to await a ship to South…

Photographs and short obituaries of P-1611 Niemczyk Maksymilian and P-1591 Balicki Roman.

Two pilots wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing in front of a brick building with and open window to the left. Both have hands in pockets and the pilot on the right has medal ribbon.

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Book 1 - contains notes on basic earth geography, direction on the earth's surface, terrestrial magnetism, maps and projections. map symbols, latitude and longitude, triangles of velocity and reporting. There is a team list at the back.

Book 2 -…

On the left Warrant Officer Arthur Pearce wearing tunic with half brevet, medal ribbons and Pathfinder badge with cigarette in his right hand. He is arm in arm with a men on the right wearing a civilian suit and floral buttonhole. Behind them a tree…

Air-to-air view of two Harvards, 3782 & 3783 taken from a third aircraft slightly lower and in front of the two Harvards. Captioned 'Passing kites. Harvards'.

Photo 1 is a group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows outside a stone building.

Photo 2 is a group of 13 airmen arranged in two roes. They are all wearing flying boots boots.

The loss of Colin Farrant and the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to Donald Cochrane are reported in a newspaper article. They were friends who joined up together at the age of 15. Colin Farrant went missing on an operation to Essen. Donald…

Two airmen wearing shorts carrying fire extinguishers stagger by a roofed table surrounded by white stones. In the background huts.


Two airmen standing side by side on a path. Frank Hobbs is on the right. Both men are wearing battledress with a hand in pocket. Right hand man has visible half brevet. Both have cigarettes in hand. To the right the side of a building and in the…


One ground crew and one aircrew sitting on the side of a trailer. Behind is a second, enclosed trailer with a Royal Air Force roundel.

Two airmen, one wearing long trousers and the other shorts standing play-fighting. Behind another airman wearing shorts looks on. In the background grass roofed huts and trees.

Photo 1 - a full length portrait of a warrant officer wearing khaki uniform tunic with half brevet. He is standing in an open doorway.

Photo 2 - also a full length portrait of a warrant officer wearing khaki uniform tunic with half brevet. He…


Two airmen in uniform standing in the snow. One is wearing flying boots. Behind is a brick building.


Near full length image of two airmen standing in the snow. Behind are silver birch trees and the base of a mast.


Two airmen wearing shorts and bush jackets stand in front of a building with veranda. Ben Openshaw on left hand wearing side cap. Sign on building says 'Services Rest Room'. Some figures in background.


Three quarter length portrait of two airmen in khaki uniform eating sandwiches. Arthur Pearce is on the left wearing air gunners brevet, medals ribbons and pathfinder badge. He has warrant officer rank badge on wrist band. In the background a table…
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