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Two members of Maurice's crew standing in front of their Lancaster. On the reverse 'From L Robinson, Roy'.

Maurice and crew arranged in two rows. On the reverse
'From L back, Harold, Robinson, Maurice, Johny
front Bill, Roy, Joe.'

Maurice and eight crew members, including ground crew. They are sat on a tractor in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse '2 Groundcrew from L Harold, Johny, Joe, Robinson, Roy, Bill, Maurice.'

Five members of Maurice's crew sitting on the port inner engine. On the reverse 'From L Harold, Roy, Johny, Bill, Joe.'

Maurice and five crew members plus another airmen with a bicycle. On the reverse 'From L Bill, ?, back Harold, front Joe, back Bill, Maurice, Robinson.'


Maurice and six crew members standing under the port side of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'From L Robinson, Harold, Maurice, Johny, ?, Joe, ?.'

Maurice and five crew members standing under the port of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'From Left Bill, Roy, ?, Joe, Maurice, Johny'.

Five airmen sitting on the rear of a Lancaster. On the reverse:-
' Left to Right
Harold -Navigator
Johny - Bomb-aimer
Joe - Engineer
Bill - Mid-upper gunner
Roy - Rear Gunner
Oct 1943'.

Maurice, standing in his uniform, watched by a collie. On the reverse 'Maurice with one of his father Harry's working collie's '.


Maurice standing with his arm round his father. On the reverse 'Home from America Maurice & Harry'.

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Maurice in uniform, standing with his two sisters. On the reverse 'Maurice Vera Nellie Parkfield Just enlisted'.
Parkfield Lodge is at Headstone Lane and the entrance to the lane that ran down to the house is just opposite the Headstone Lane…

Maurice as a choir boy.

Maurice with his two sisters and two lambs. On the reverse 'Maurice front Nellie left Vera right'.


Maurice with his two sisters and brother. On the reverse 'Nellie Maurice Arthur & Vera Stimpson Pinner Park Farm'.

A man and woman standing by their flower garden. On the reverse is handwritten 'Harry & Nellie Stimpson. Maurice's parents' and printed 'Nellie Louisa Stimpson (nee Eldridge) Harry Stimpson These are Maurice's, parents'.

Maurice in uniform, on a bicycle. On the reverse 'Maurice on his bicycle. This was at Parkfield with the steps behind the living accommodation. Behind are the stables where the collies lived they were never allowed in the house and there were…

The air to ground photograph shows a smokescreen having drifted away from the area it was intended to protect. It also shows the smoke from over 100 miles away created by a bombing raid on the Erkner ball bearing factory.

Four photographs captioned 'The Luftschiffbau Zepplin works at Friedrichshafen'. They show the same area over a period of time beginning in February 1943 and shows the works being camouflaged and eventually destroyed by bombing. The second page of…

Two items, Edward's description of the operation, and his navigation plot.

Six items, Edward's description of the operation to the railway centre, commenting on the thunderstorms encountered, his navigation plot, the expected H2S plot of the target with their track marked, a press cutting captioned 'Wrecked locomotives at…

Three items, Edward's brief description of the operation, his navigation plot and a press cutting with the caption 'Allies invade France', which describes some of the air activity in support of D Day.

Five items, Edward's brief description of the operation their bomb aimer was sick so took replacement, quiet trip. Edward's navigation plot, and an indication of the H2S plot when over the target. There are two press clippings, the first has a…

Three items, Edward's brief description of the operation, to marshalling yards at Montdidier, their own bomb aimer sick so took wing commander. Due to low cloud over target ordered to return with their bombs. Edward's planned navigation plot and a…

Four items, Edward's brief description, referring to P planes, reports being attacked by a Lancaster on the way home, his navigation plot, a map of the area near the target, a press cutting describing the days air activities mainly attacking V-1…

Five items, Edward's description of the operation to bomb Panzer concentrations in woods, requested by Field Marshall Montgomery. As the operation was in daylight Edward was able to describe the scene not too long after D Day. There is also Edwards…
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